ISS Live Feed Shows UFO that Slows Down, Stops, Changes Direction and Moves on

The unknown object that certainly wasn’t a meteor or space junk, was captured on April 20, 2016 on the ISS live cam. The object enters the view of the camera at a high speed, it then slows until it completely stops. After a while the object begins to move again and changes it s direction twice before it disappears into … Continue reading

ISS Will End Up At the Bottom of the Sea in 2031

“The plans, which were revealed this week by NASA, mark the end of an era for what is certainly the most ambitious and successful space station that humanity has ever built.” via Unexplained-Mysteries NASA has confirmed its plans for the decommissioning and final de-orbiting of the long-lived space station. While the International Space Station will be around for a few … Continue reading

Bacterium Survived Outside ISS for an Entire Year

via unexplained-mysteries Scientists have identified a bacterium that seems surprisingly capable of surviving in the vacuum of space. Scientists have long speculated over what processes might have given rise to life on other worlds. One such process, which is known as panspermia, involves life from one planet being transported to another on asteroids and comets that have come into contact … Continue reading

Fleet of UFOs Near ISS Nov 2020
Massive Fleet of UFOs Fly Past the International Space Station

I don’t mean to be alarmist, but it dawned on me that the last time this was being spotted on ISS cameras was when the Covid-19 cases began to rise and now it appears again as the cases are rising, could there be some connection? via Behind the Scenes – YouTube: After 6 months, on November 15, 2020, a new … Continue reading

Swarm of Unknown Objects Recorded Passing by the ISS

Footage taken from the International Space Station live feed on December 5, 2019 appears to show a swarm of mysterious, unidentified objects near by. The actual footage shows a large group of what looks to be semi-cloaked objects, with only the powered sources shining and reflecting in front the light from the stars, disappear and reappear while passing by the … Continue reading

Mysterious Space Objects Pass by During ISS Live Stream

Earlier this month ISS live stream showed what looked like a pair of fast-moving objects heading towards the earth, once again raising speculations about alien spacecraft and extraterrestrial lifeforms. The unidentified objects were caught on camera just as a two astronauts were doing a spacewalk outside the International Space Station (ISS). Both objects also emitted flashes as they moved, making … Continue reading

Mystery Object Appears and NASA Cuts ISS Live Feed Out Again

Are these all just coincidences? via Sputniknews: The US space agency NASA is once again accused of cutting the feed on International Space Station (ISS) cameras after an unidentified object appeared on the screen. In a video posted to YouTube on November 4, one of the cameras on the side of the ISS recorded what appears to be a large … Continue reading

Boomerang UFO-br
HUGE UFO Seen over Phoenix…I Can’t Believe I Actually SAW it! – They are VERY Real

On October 27, 2018 MrMB333 witnessed something in the night sky over the Phoenix sky that he had previously seen back in 2012 which can best be described as a black boomerang UFO which was bigger than a football field and was completely silent. While sky watching he came across the object much to his surprise as he was not … Continue reading

ISS Camera Footage Shows a Green and Purple ROGUE Planet Near Earth

A fascinating find by Mrmbb333 shows what appears to be a round object that looks like a planet, or possibly our moon, that was picked up from the ISS live feed camera. The only problem with it being our moon is that as MrMBB333 states, it seems to have a colorful atmosphere which as we’ve all seen first hand and … Continue reading

Red_UFO-Near ISS-2018
Red Structured UFO Materializes Near ISS

A red mysterious object was found by Streetcap1 in footage from ISS live feed cams. The red unknown object appears for about a second near the International Space station and then disappears. Is this some type of reflection, lens anomaly or could it be an alien craft of some sort? Streetcap1 YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS … Continue reading

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