stanton friedman
Stanton Friedman on Jacques Vallee and UFOs/Consciousness; An Interview by Alex Tsakiris

Now, when we talk about augmented reality, there are three important use cases that we think about… —Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook That’s Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, spreading Facebook’s Brave-New-World-Gospel re the merging of consciousness and computing. He’s actually taking his foot off the pedal a little bit with this group of developers. If you search for some of his more … Continue reading

Aliens Are Real Says Former NASA Scientist & Founding Father Of The Internet

It’s astonishing how many credible people are trying to create awareness about a phenomenon that, if it were to become entirely transparent to the world, would most likely transform all aspects of humanity, leaving nothing untouched. If there was full extraterrestrial disclosure, we would have so many questions to consider. How do they travel so far in such short periods … Continue reading