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An Accelerating ‘Jetstream Like’ River of Molten Iron Has Been Discovered Under Alaska and Siberia

Almost as hot as the surface of the Sun. A fast-flowing river of molten iron has been found surging under Alaska and Siberia, some 3,000 km (1,864 miles) below the surface – and it appears to be speeding up. This colossal jet stream, which is estimated to be about 420 km wide (260 miles) and nearly as hot as the … Continue reading

‘Global Climate Emergency’ Declared by Scientists After Jet Stream Crosses Equator

Climate scientists this week expressed alarm after “unprecedented” data showed the Northern Hemisphere Jet Stream crossing the Equator. In a column on Tuesday, environmental blogger Robert Scribbler noted that the Northern Hemisphere Jet Stream had merged with the Southern Hemisphere Jet Stream. “It’s the very picture of weather weirding due to climate change. Something that would absolutely not happen in … Continue reading