Antarctica Strangeness, Buzz Aldrin Update

In last Thursday’s News and Views from the Nefarium I spoke about the strangeness going on in Earth’s polar continent, Antarctica, and the strange visitors there over the past few months. It began with the visit of Russian Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow Kirill III, a visit followed by Secretary of State John Kerry, at the height of the American presidential … Continue reading

Strange Government Movements in Antarctica – Was Some Sort of Lost Ancient Technology Found?

So all of this I suppose is the context in which perhaps to view the following strange statement in the article. Indeed, the only statement in the article of any real factual significance, and one which invites, nay, almost compels – some high octane speculation: Officials with the National Science Foundation (NSF) have launched a medical evacuation flight to NSF’s … Continue reading

KerryPrepare forNWO
John Kerry Says Prepare for New World Order ‘borderless world’

In his latest speech, John Kerry talked about the future of our world which is changing rapidly. According to him, our world will be a borderless one. He also indirectly addressed the topic of Donald Trump during his Friday commencement speech to Northeastern University graduates. “Many of you were in elementary school when you learned the toughest lesson of all … Continue reading