Scientist Reveals Unexpected Strange Finding About Jupiter

The Current State of JUNO The lead scientist, Dr. Scott Bolton, admits essentially that Jupiter is not a gas giant, stating ” We’re seeing a lot of our ideas were incorrect and maybe naive.” (1) Scientists are puzzled to see that the familiar striped cloud layers ‘may be’ only skin deep. These zones and belts either don’t exist or the … Continue reading

NASA’s Juno Releases Treasure Trove of Jupiter Images

NASA’s Juno spacecraft has released its latest dispatch of images of Jupiter. The pictures were snapped at a time when the stormy planet is not visible to astronomers on Earth, making them a unique addition to the gallery. NASA’s release of the so-called “marble movie” shows that Jupiter is such a pretty planet, it doesn’t need a filter other than … Continue reading

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Records Alien Sounds Near Jupiter

Chilling, alien-like sounds have been recorded coming from Jupiter, and they could be made by enormous creatures living in the planet’s atmosphere. The sounds were picked up by NASA’s Juno spacecraft, set to enter Jupiter’s orbit today [July 4th], after a five-year journey through interplanetary space. The space probe is set to stabilize in a polar orbit and beam back … Continue reading