Everything That Could Go Wrong With Jupiter

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Does New Webb Photo of Jupiter Show a Mothership over a Thousand Miles Long?

On July 27, 2022, the James Webb Space Telescope released an image of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot using one of its infrared cameras. The image contains a cylindrical-shaped object floating high above Jupiter’s atmosphere that appears to be more than a thousand miles long. The image corroborates claims of giant spacecraft recently arriving in our solar system and parking in … Continue reading

Signs of Liquid Found on One of Solar System’s Most Likely Candidates for Extraterrestrial Life

“…it could also mean that there could be water elsewhere on Jupiter’s icy satellite, potentially increasing chances of discovering life there.” via sputniknews Headline Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SETI Institute Among the Solar System’s most likely candidates for potentially hosting life are the icy satellites of Jupiter and Saturn – Europa and Enceladus respectively. Scientists from Stanford University have suggested that weird double … Continue reading

Life May Be Found Under Thick Ice of Jupiter’s Moon, Scientists Say

“”It’s enticing to think of some kind of aerobic organisms living just under the ice”, Vance said.” by Tim Korso via sputniknews Headline Image: © NASA/JPL-Caltech/SETI Institute Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, has two main traits to make it a potential home to extraterrestrial life – oxygen and water filled with nutritious elements. There is just one problem – a … Continue reading

What If Jupiter and Saturn Collided?

The two biggest planets in our Solar System in one telescope view. And catastrophe is imminent. If Jupiter and Saturn suddenly were on a collision course, which of the two planets would emerge victorious? How would the composition of these planets affect the outcome? And what impact would this have on the rest of our Solar System? What is a … Continue reading

Jupiter_replaces_the_Moon YT_Vid-Main
What if We Replaced the Moon with Jupiter Overnight?

Do you love Jupiter? Do you love it so much that you could look at it every day? I hope so. Because it just took the Moon’s place, and Earth will never be the same again. Why would Earth no longer be a planet? Why would only half of our world get this spectacular view? Could you survive on this … Continue reading

Jupiter Ganymede
Strange FM Radio Signal Detected Coming from Jupiter’s Moon Ganymede

Strange FM signal (Wi-fi) discovered coming from one of Jupiter’s moons Ganymede is Jupiter’s largest moon. Jupiter’s ‘dramatic’ features from NASA’s Juno mission wow the internet and space enthusiasts. NASA recently extended the life of two of its planetary discovery missions, including the Juno mission to Jupiter. Now it’s come to light Juno has discovered an FM signal emanating from … Continue reading

Jupiter Flinging Comets Toward Earth, Not Shielding it, Says New Research

Some astronomers believe that Jupiter, instead of protecting Earth from dangerous comets and asteroids, is actively flinging objects into the inner solar system. New research now demonstrates this complex process in action. A popular theory suggests Jupiter, with its tremendous mass, acts like a gigantic shield in space, sucking in or deflecting dangerous debris left over from the formation of … Continue reading

UFOs Pass Front of Jupoer-Dec-2019
Multiple UFOs Cross in Front of the Planet Jupiter

On December 13, 2019, ‘Bruce Sees all’ filmed multiple ‘alien spaceships’ the moment they crossed in front of the planet Jupiter. In past captures we’ve seen UFOs in deep space such as the UFOs near the Orion Nebula which would support the possibility that these unknown spacecraft may be advanced alien spaceships piloted by aliens, often following a fixed flight … Continue reading

Astronomers May Have Figured Out Jupiter’s Mysterious Origins

Jupiter’s anomalous size and location in our Solar System has been puzzling researchers for years, since it doesn’t fit with our understanding of planetary formation. Now, astronomers think they’ve figured out how the gas giant ended up in its curious position. According to current models, giant planets form in the outer reaches of a system, migrate inwards, and end up … Continue reading

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