Alien Signal -RadioTelescope
‘Aliens?!’ How the News Will Spread in a Digital Age

The SETI community is rethinking how reports of extraterrestrial life should be shared with the public. When the SETI community adopted protocols for telling the world that ET exists, people mostly got their news from radio, TV and newspapers. The year was 1989. The internet was a nascent U.S. military-backed project known as ARPANET – the Advanced Research Projects Agency … Continue reading

Two Rocky Planets that Could Support Life Discovered by Kepler Space Telescope

Using NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope, astronomers have found more than 100 exoplanets — planets orbiting other stars — and four possibly rocky planets, two of which may be capable of supporting life. The international team found 197 planet candidates, with 104 being confirmed as exoplanets. One method of discovering exoplanets is to measure light emitted from stars. A minute dimming … Continue reading

Will NASA Confirm Alien Existence Tomorrow in Huge Announcement – Major Development in Kelper Mission

NASA has confirmed a Kepler Mission announcement is due tomorrow NASA will tomorrow make a big announcement about its search for alien life… leaving conspiracy theorists convinced it will confirm extra terrestrials HAVE been visiting the planet. The US space agency says it will unveil to the globe the “latest discoveries made by its planet-hunting mission, the Kepler Space Telescope”, … Continue reading