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US Forces Could Have Assassinated Kim Jong-un On July 4 But Didn’t Take the Shot

When North Korea tested its first successful intercontinental ballistic on July 4, US forces had a “very easy shot at killing Kim and didn’t,” Stratfor Asia Pacific consultant Rodger Baker told Business Insider. During the launch, Kim reportedly hung around the platform smoking cigarettes for over an hour, The Diplomat reported, giving US military and intelligence agents the opportunity to … Continue reading

North Korean Defector: Kim Jong-Un Would Nuke LA if Threatened

A North Korean defector and former diplomat has claimed that DPRK leader Kim Jong Un could launch a nuclear missile aimed at Los Angeles, knowing that Washington would retaliate. During a BBC interview, Thae Yong-ho claimed Kim was liable to press “the button on these dangerous weapons when he thinks that his rule and his dynasty is threatened.” Thae, formerly … Continue reading

‘NOBODY Can Stop Us!’ Kim Jong-un Says North Korea Can Now Strike US Mainland

NORTH Korean despot Kim Jong-un has warned NOBODY can stop his country – and said he is now capable of striking the US with nuclear weapons. A fiery editorial in a state-run propaganda newspaper said North Korea would “reduce to ashes” any enemy – including the USA. The sabre-rattling opinion piece said “no force on earth” could stop the despot … Continue reading