Rapidly Replicating Botnet Infected Millions of Devices

In a very short time, new rapidly expanding loT botnet malware, more complex and dangerous than the 2016 malicious Mirai bot that caused widespread outages in the US and beyond, has already compromised over a million devices. In 2016, an Internet of Things (IoT) worm named Mirai infected some 2.5 million gadgets worldwide, building botnets that sent unstoppable floods of … Continue reading

You Might Be Part of the ‘Botnet’ Army and Not Even Know It

Hackers look for the path of least resistance, but there are ways to make sure your internet-connected devices put up a fight. In horror movies, the invading threat is usually a monster, a human turned evil or something undead. But there is a horror movie scenario unfolding around you right now and without knowing it, you might be one of … Continue reading

‘Gooligan’ Malware Hijacks More than a Million Google Accounts

More than a million Google accounts have been hijacked by “Gooligan” malware, according to the company and a cybersecurity firm. “The number continues to rise at an additional 13,000 breached devices each day,” said cybersecurity firm Check Point, which discovered the attack and is working with Google to combat it. Hundreds of infected accounts belong to businesses rather than individual … Continue reading