Images Captured By NASA’s Rover Could Be That of Ancient Ruins of a Long Gone Alien City on Mars

Over the years NASA’s Mars Rovers have captured countless breathtaking images of anomalies that seem to be carved or artificially made structures on the surface of the planet Mars. Photographic evidence of many structures like walls, fences, ruins of ancient cities, once inhabited by alien civilizations, statues and other anomalies, weathered, eroded or partially buried under the sands of Mars. … Continue reading

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Did NASA’s MRO Capture Image of Underground Base Entrance on Mars?

The High Resolution Imaging camera on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured a strange spot on the surface of the planet Mars. According to NASA/JPL the remarkable spot is a small crater on North Polar layered deposits. But is it just a crater? If you look at the original black and white HIRISE image then it seems as something … Continue reading

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Elites Are Preparing For Escape to Mars Space Ark!

Last year in September Elon Musk walked onto a stage in Guadalareja, Mexico and laid out his vision to colonize Mars with his company SpaceX. The plan itself is ambitious and Musk hopes to fly 1 million people to the planet Mars as a sort of ‘backup drive’ for Earth at costs of $100,000 to $ 200,000 per person, reported … Continue reading

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Did NASA’s Opportunity Rover Images Show ET Presence On Mars?

Streetcap1 believes he has found strange objects in images NASA’s Mars Opportunity rover took in 2005. He wonders whether these objects are extraterrestrial or not. The first image shows something something what looks like an alien craft, while the second image appears to show a white Martian object in the distance. As usually there is much discussion on social media … Continue reading

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Strange White Orb Seems to Release a Beam of Light Above the Surface of Mars

Images just released from the Mars Curiosity Rover, recorded on April 23, 2017 by the Right Navigation Camera reveals an orb and a strange beam of light above the surface of Mars that appears artificial. The first image captured on 02.51.43 PM shows a specific spot on the surface without any sign of something artificial but a second image showing … Continue reading

What Has NASA’s Curiosity Rover Detected Here?

Editor’s tip: Pay close attention to the area inside the shadow just in front of the Rover to see the unexplained object movement Mars Alive – 4K Resolution! Incredible mars anomaly found in NASA mars images. This footage I created is from Multiple images from Curiosity Rover with a few seconds difference on time stamp, a time-lapse of what appears … Continue reading