‘Ghosts’ May be a Sign that We Live in a Simulation

Two scientists have put forward the intriguing yet disturbing notion that we may all be living in the Matrix. The idea that mankind could be living in a computer simulation was explored at length in the Wachowskis’ science-fiction favorite The Matrix, but just how plausible is this concept ? If we were living in a simulated reality, would we even … Continue reading

holographic ufo mantis beings
Linda Moulton Howe’s Revealing Interview on Holographic UFOs and the Mantis Beings Mystery!

In this exciting and groundbreaking episode Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Coast to Coast AM Investigative Reporter Linda Moulton Howe and listen to her most important and revealing interview ever! Alien Resurrection Technology Linda recounts her deep investigation of unique UFO abduction cases where the contactee is shown an advanced genetic material process that involves keeping a human being … Continue reading

hologram universe planet-like holgraphic display sun
Once Again a ‘Hologram Planet’ Appears in NASA’s Stereo Ahead HI1 Satellite Image

A strange phenomenon appeared on NASA’s Stereo Ahead HI1 satellite, again. Streetcap1 who recorded an object what looks like a holographic display of a planet wonders why does it appear intermittently then not at all and is still waiting to hear a valid explanation for the weird phenomenon. Some people suggest that it is caused by an overload on the … Continue reading

Tech Billionaires Secretly Funding a Plan to Break Out of ‘The Matrix’

On the southwestern edge of Lake Titicaca, Peru, there is an ancient 23-foot doorway known as the Aramu Muru. Local natives call it the “Puerta de hayu Marca,” the gateway to the lands of the gods and immortal life. Throughout their history, the natives have described people disappearing and appearing at this doorway. In 1998, purported extraterrestrial contactee Jerry Wills claimed a … Continue reading

There Are Many Theories As To The basis Of The Universe But It May Actually Be INFORMATION, NOT Energy or Matter

There are lots of theories on what are the basis of the universe is. Some physicists say its subatomic particles. Others believe its energy or even space-time. One of the more radical theories suggests that information is the most basic element of the cosmos. Although this line of thinking emanates from the mid-20th century, it seems to be enjoying a … Continue reading

Beyond VR, This Ambitious UK Group Wants to Build the Matrix

Improbable just became the UK’s latest $1billion tech startup. The inside story of its insanely ambitious plan to built virtual worlds, change the way we make decisions, and maybe one day build the Matrix. It might not be as well known as VR headset developer Oculus or AI company DeepMind, but Improbable’s goals are perhaps the most ambitious of them … Continue reading

Things Are Super Weird Right Now, but It’s Not a Glitch in the Matrix, Says Harvard Physicist

If the past 12 months have you feeling like you’re stuck in the beta version of some giant, buggy simulation, we’re right there with you, what with the World Series, the Super Bowl, the Oscars, and depending on which side of the fence you sit, the US and UK elections. But despite what Elon Musk says, the barrage of weirdness … Continue reading

‘PROOF’ We’re Living in a SIMULATION – Top Astronomers List Vital Checks to Confirm Theory

Are we living in a simulation? Neil deGrasse Tyson, star of the hit docu-series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odysee, and theoretical physicist Brian Greene, co-founder of the World Science Festival, made the claims that life is not as we know it, during Mr Tyson’s podcast StarTalk. They were discussing philosopher Nick Bostrom’s 2003 paper ‘Are you living in a simulation?’ when … Continue reading

Comment Left On A ‘We Are Living In A Simulation/Matrix’ Article That Left Me Thinking

Okay so I found this very interesting but not quite sure (yet) of the reasons. I had previously posted a different article on this subject prior to coming across this one. The reason I wanted to share this second article even though I just posted one on this subject is mainly for a comment that was left by someone on … Continue reading

THE GREATEST DISCOVERY NEVER SEEN: Part 3 … Crypto-Water & the Secrets of Harmony

Here is a link to Part 1 and Part 2 in case you haven’t read it: The Greatest Discovery Never Seen — Part 1 – Humanity as a Supernova Event The Greatest Discovery Never Seen: Part 2 … The Invisible Revolution The Greatest Discovery Never Seen: Part 3 … Crypto-Water & the Secrets of Harmony by GW Hardin Since the … Continue reading