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Engraved ‘Alien Figures’ and ‘Spaceships’ Found on Mysterious Stones in Mexican Cave

Local legends speak of a mysterious ‘spaceship’ that has remained since ancient times somewhere near a system of three caves located between the cities of Veracruz and Puebla in Mexico on which a group of researchers decided to travel to the area a few months ago to find out more about this mysterious ‘spaceship.’ So far they did not found … Continue reading

See the resemblance?
Astounding Discovery of Another Mayan Statue Depicting an Alien Humanoid

So many statues, carvings, paintings and artifacts from the Mayans depict what appear to be aliens or alien spaceships, it’s hard to argue that all of them either have logical non-ET explanations or are hoaxes. Another such statue was unveiled recently by the museum of Xiutetelco, in Puebla, Mexico. Announcements of its discovery refer to it as an “alien figure” … Continue reading

Mysterious 100-Year Maya Dark Age May Be Explained by Volcano

A new study theorizes that in 540 CE, a small and until recently seemingly unremarkable volcano in southern Mexico, El Chichón, was responsible for plunging the Maya civilization into a hundred years of chaos. The Maya prospered from 250 to 900 CE, they developed calendars, a writing system, new mathematics, amazing cities and pyramids. However, there remains a mysterious 100-year … Continue reading

The Reptilian Alien Race: Living Among Humans For Centuries

The existence of strange creatures on Earth has been depicted in many stories. Even though it is hard to imagine that half-human, half-reptile creature could exist, many stories serve as proof that their existence is not only a product of vivid imagination. Looking back in history, we find several tales about strange creatures, that were worshiped by our ancestors. In … Continue reading