Sheilaaliens’ Strange UFO Sightings Compilation 2010-2012

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Two-shot Cancer ‘Vaccine’ Shows Success in Attacking Tumors in Mice

A two-shot cancer “vaccine” has, according to new research, been wildly successful at attacking tumors in mice. A clinical trial using the treatment on human patients is now getting underway. The method works by using two agents to reinvigorate cancer-fighting T cells directly in the tumor. One of the agents amplifies the activation of the T cells, while the other … Continue reading

Top Doctor Warns of ‘Return to Dark Ages’ as Antibiotic Apocalypse Looms

Antibiotics could soon stop working Antibiotics are becoming resistant to fatal diseases in a frightening trend which could spark a post-antibiotic apocalypse, top scientists are warning. Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer for England, has urged UK patients to stop demanding treatment with antibiotics, or risk condemning the planet to an age of death by preventable disease. Writing for … Continue reading

World is Facing ‘Antibiotic Apocalypse’, Drug-Resistant Gene Has Spread Globally Within 2 Years

The life-saving antibiotic of “last resort” is in danger of becoming powerless after a drug-resistant gene was found to have spread across the globe in the last two years. Scientists believe it’s one of the greatest dangers now facing humanity. A bacteria containing a gene which carries resistance to the antibiotic colistin has spread around the world at an alarming … Continue reading

Pill Helps Fight Breast Tumors Tied to ‘Cancer Genes’

A twice-daily pill could help some advanced breast cancer patients avoid or delay follow-up sessions of chemotherapy, a new clinical trial reports. The drug olaparib (Lynparza) reduced the chances of cancer progression by about 42 percent in women with breast cancer linked to BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations, according to the study. Olaparib delayed cancer progression by about three months. … Continue reading

Secret Govt. Warehouses Stockpiling $7 Billion Worth of Medical Supplies – Preparation for Deadly Pandemic, Bio Attack?

Is it “crazy” and “paranoid” to stockpile supplies against the possibility of widespread social collapse? Not according to the federal government. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) maintains six warehouses stockpiled billions of dollars worth of medical supplies to be used to respond to any national medical emergency, including a flu pandemic or terrorist attack. Both the contents … Continue reading

Antibiotic Apocalypse2
Why You Should Be Afraid Of An Antibiotic Apocalypse

“We are in a post-antibiotic era,” World Health Organization chief Margaret Chan declared earlier this year. Her warning echoed a recent report that found antimicrobial resistance was responsible for more than 700,000 deaths worldwide in 2014 alone and could kill more than 10 million people each year by 2050. Despite the warnings, antibiotic use in humans and livestock continues to … Continue reading

New Study Warns of Apocalypse Within Five Years

via MysteriousUniverse A team of researchers at Oxford University, the Global Challenges Foundation and the Global Priorities Project recently issued a report, “Global Catastrophic Risks.” In it, they discuss and issue rankings for events than can eliminate ten-percent or more of the human population within the next five years. Actually, the report suggests that a person may be five times … Continue reading