Meteor is the Likely Cause of ‘Loud Boom’ in Southern Tennessee

By Tena Lee via Hendersonville Standard Kevin Fisher was sitting out by a fire in his backyard on the Walton Ferry peninsula late Saturday when he saw a flash of light followed by a sonorous boom. Like many, Fisher turned to social media for a quick explanation. Almost immediately, just before 11 p.m., residents of Hendersonville’s Walton Ferry and Indian … Continue reading

Giant Meteor Norway Nov 2020
Giant Green Meteor Fireball Lights up Night Sky over Norway

A meteor camera captured a giant green fireball shooting across the night sky of Larvik, Norway, on November 7. Sveinung Vegum’s camera captured the moment the fireball approached from afar before falling on the horizon. Local media in Norway reported the fireball had fallen over Sweden. Norwegian Meteor Network said it received close to 100 reports of a powerful fireball … Continue reading

bolide brazil oct 2020
Superbolide over Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Momentarily Turns Night into Day

A superbolide was recorded in Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina states by the cameras of BRAMON, Clima ao Vivo and Heller & Jung Observatory in the early morning hours of October 1st, 2020. Check out the video: A superbolide is a super luminous meteor that shines brighter than the full moon. In the case of this one registered … Continue reading

Bright Meteor Fireball Seen in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and Michigan

Residents of Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and Michigan all reported seeing a bright fireball blasting through the sky on August 19. Stunned onlookers spotted the astronomical phenomenon, and headed in their droves to the website of the International Meteor Organisation (IMO) to report their sightings. Chris said: “It came straight down on a vertical trajectory and slowed down as it approached … Continue reading

Scientist Find Two Meteorites in Two Weeks

Both falls were captured by The Desert Fireball Network (DFN) team which uses cameras across Australia to observe shooting stars and predict where meteorites land. The team, who usually search from March to October, was postponed due to COVID-19, but as restrictions lifted it observed another meteorite fall just south of the Eyre Highway near Madura. Astronomer Dr Hadrien Devillepoix … Continue reading

Meteor Colorado Mexico July 2020
Meteor Fireball Lights up Night Sky over Colorado and New Mexico, Triggers UFO Speculations

A fireball lit up the night skies across Colorado and New Mexico on Tuesday night, video of which has dazzled many online, while others couldn’t help but speculate about invading aliens as a fitting addition to the chaos in 2020. According to the American Meteor Society, there were at least 54 reports of a fireball spotted across the US at … Continue reading

Meteor Australia July 2020
Stunning Green Meteor Streaking across Sydney Night Sky

A meteor has been spotted roaring over New South Wales. Pictures captured on the Central Coast show a ball of light burning with a green tinge. Others filmed the event streaking through sky over the Sydney CBD. A green meteor off the coast of Australia — Physics & Science Zone (@SciPhysics) July 13, 2020 Social media was alight with … Continue reading

Meteor Fireball Lights up Night Sky over Pilbara, Western Australia

Pilbara residents have been treated to an astronomical spectacle overnight after a green fireball lit up the night sky. The meteor was spotted at 12.46am on Monday morning and was caught on camera by shocked onlookers — including the Karratha Police — in Port Hedland and Cape Preston, near Karratha. Matt Woods from the Perth Observatory said the green colour … Continue reading

Meteor Fireball Seen over Parts of Southeast US

A fireball and bright flash were reported across portions of Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas early Thursday morning. A bright flash was seen by some in the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry around 12:45 a.m. The sight was even captured by some home security cameras. Several reports were logged by the American Meteor Society (AMS). Fireballs, shootings stars, etc. are fairly … Continue reading

Strange Fireball Spotted over Hull, UK Just a Week After a Similar Sighting

A bizarre burning fireball was spotted last night over Hull, with images capturing the moment the inferno burned up in the atmosphere as it plummeted towards Earth. The Humberside ‘bright orange’ object was spotted by several people moving slowly over the city leaving a trail in its wake before disappearing. Experts believe the unusual occurrence was a meteor, potentially linked … Continue reading

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