Astronomers Search for Meteorite that Fell on Abu Dhabi Desert, UAE (UPDATED)

Astronomers are searching for the remains of a fireball that fell from the sky into the Abu Dhabi desert. The meteorite is believed to have landed south of Al Wathba after being captured on camera by Abu Dhabi’s Astronomy Centre. Meteorites can contain grains of stardust older than our solar system and hold information about its formation and the geological … Continue reading

Did NASA Locate and Recover First Ever Meteorite from the Ocean

Check this out after you’ve read the article.. perhaps this event was the alleged meteor crashing: Mystery Object Sighted over Washington State Island Just two days into their search for a giant meteorite that crashed off the coast of Washington State, Dr. Marc Fries and the crew of the Nautilus have accomplished their mission: they believe they have successfully recovered … Continue reading

‘Hot Stones’ Fall from the Sky in Over Uttar Pradesh, India

Two hot “stones” have fallen from the sky in Uttar Pradesh’s village of Kasoli. The meteorite-like objects will be examined by a team and will identify the nature of the unearthly object. But is this the first time this has ever happened in India? Time and again, humans have encountered tales about aliens, their world and a different universe that … Continue reading

Meteorite ‘Bits’ Recovered in China Following Meteor Fireball Event

A recent test reveals that the chondrites – stony nonmetallic meteorites – that hit Xishuangbanna, Southwest China’s Yunnan province, about two weeks ago, are 4.5 billion years old – almost the same age as of the solar system. The test was conducted by Xu Weibiao, chief scientist of the Purple Mountain Observatory under Chinese Academy of Sciences, after he received … Continue reading

Meteorite Crashed in Sudan Contains Diamonds Possibly from Our Solar System’s Beginning

A meteorite that crashed in the Nubian Desert has offered a glimpse of our solar system’s earliest days. Known as the Almahata Sitta meteorite, the object was found to have a particularly unusual composition and is now believed to have been one of the ‘building blocks’ of the solar system. By analyzing it, scientists have been able to learn more … Continue reading

Night Turned to Day by Stunning Bright Flash over Vast Area of Russia

Flash seen over thousands of kilometres but scientists disagree over the cause. The extraordinary light show – seen here on videos – came on the night of Orthodox Christmas Day this week. The black sky suddenly turned momentarily deep blue as if on a bright day – but according to some accounts, the earth moved too. Experts insist the phenomenon … Continue reading

Loud Explosion Shook Houses in Thunder Bay Ontario, Meteorite Suspected

Object spotted by officers Wednesday night, but now police, investigating expert can’t find it A loud explosion that shook houses in a semi-rural part of Thunder Bay, Ont., Wednesday evening may have been caused by a meteorite that landed on the outskirts of the northwestern Ontario city, according to local police. Patrol officers were dispatched to the area of Highway … Continue reading

Crater in Rajasthan India Confirmed to Have Been Caused by a Meteorite

For long the origin of the Ramgarh crater has been a subject of debate among researchers. While some believe that it was caused by ‘meteorite impact’, others are of the view that it evolved from ‘tectonic’ or ‘structural’ activity or ‘magmatism’. For years the crater – located near Ramgarh village, about 12 km east of Mangrol – has been considered … Continue reading

Meteorite-CapeTown South Africa
Meteorite Slams into Local Businessman’s Roof in Cape Town South Africa

Anyone else getting worried about these seemingly increasing meteor sightings and crashes lately? The incidences of them landing on land and even on residents lawn and their homes are going up! via IOL: He heard a loud thump and thought it was an intruder trying to steal from his furniture shop. Never in his wildest dreams did he think the … Continue reading

Meteorite Lands In Field (Rajasthan India)

It would seem for some reason this area in India happens to be a hot spot for falling ‘space rocks’. Could it be a prelude to a much larger one coming? Time will tell. News Nation Bureau reports: It is the 14th meteorite incident reported in Rajasthan. The meteorite weighed around 2.23 kg had fallen on June 6 in a … Continue reading

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