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Meteorites Worth Thousands of Dollars Rain Down on Brazilian Town

Pennies From Heaven… The largest chunk of the meteorite, weighing about 40 kilograms, is reportedly worth around $26,000. Residents of a remote town in northeastern Brazil called Santa Filomena recently received an unexpected bonanza when chunks of a meteorite believed to be 4.6 billion-year-old started falling “like rain” from the sky on 19 August, the Daily Mail reports. According to … Continue reading

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Impact of Meteorites Led to Life-Giving Amino Acids on Earth, Study

Tetsuya Ishikura The Asahi Shimbun A simulation of how substances essential for living creatures were formed on Earth reinforces the theory that life started after meteorites rained down on the planet. Living organisms are said to have emerged on Earth 4 billion years ago. A large number of meteorites are believed to have bombarded the planet 200 million years before … Continue reading

Exploring The Mysterious ‘Zone of Silence’ in Mexico

Mexico’s Zone of Silence, A Bizarre Place Where Radios Die and Meteors Crash! The Bermuda Triangle is mystery enough, but a 50-kilometer patch of land in Mexico is becoming an increasingly common area of bizarre incidents. According to a report from Atlas Obscura, the Zone of Silence is found in the Mapimí Biosphere Reserve, which is a mostly uninhabited expanse. … Continue reading