UFO Expert Posts AI-Enhanced Image of Unidentified Object Spotted over Juarez

“”I believe it is a ship of non-human origin.”” by T.K. Randall via unexplained-mysteries image credit: Twitter / Jaime Maussan Jaime Maussan used artificial intelligence software to enhance the original image of a ’round, domed ship’. The original image, which was taken by a football fan who had been at a match at the Estadio Olimpico Benito Juarez stadium in … Continue reading

Metallic Disc-Shaped UFO Photographed over Mexico

“The witness took several photographs at the time showing a reflective metallic disc-shaped object…” via unexplained-mysteries image credit: twitter / @RTUROSAND79 / Juanito Juan Recently released photographs show a quintessential ‘flying saucer’ over the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. Mexico has certainly seen its fair share of UFO sightings over the years; Mexico City in particular has often been considered a … Continue reading

Questions Raised over Alleged ‘Alien’ Mummy Discovery

“the mummy is believed to be some sort of alien creature” via unexplained-mysteries Controversy surrounds the claim that a prominent researcher has found an ‘alien’ mummy in Mexico. A story that has been doing the rounds this month concerns an unusual archaeological discovery that was reportedly made in a hillside tunnel in the municipality of Taxco, Mexico. The mummy, along … Continue reading

Mysterious Spherical Object Falls from the Sky over Mexico

via unexplained-mysteries image credit: Facebook / Isidro Cano The unidentified object reportedly landed in a tree after falling from the heavens over Veracruz on July 31st. Yesterday it was reported that a large piece of space junk had landed in a field in Australia and now it turns out that something else had descended from the sky over the weekend … Continue reading

Great Activity Captured on the Popocatepetl Volcano Webcams – Impact and UFOs

Impressive activity around the Mexican volcano seems to show meteorites and other unidentified objects recorded by webcamsdemexico. One of the objects appears to explode just above, near or perhaps impacts the volcano itself. You can see the precise moment when it impacts or explodes, could it be a meteorite or something else? Araceli Carrillo YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE … Continue reading

UFOs-Volcano Mexico Jan 2021
Two UFOs Recorded Entering Popocatépetl Volcano, Mexico

Two UFOs were recorded entering the crater of the Popocatépetl volcano, Mexico, on December 6, 2020 by live webcamdemexico which monitors the volcano. The first UFO descends into the crater, and four minutes later, a second UFO arrives and also disappears into the crater of the volcano. UFO enthusiasts will of course know this is, and has been a UFO … Continue reading

meteor fireball mexico 0ct 2020
Meteor Fireball Lights up Sky and Rains Fire on Northern Mexico

Residents across northeastern Mexico were stunned when a green-hued fireball lit up the night sky on Tuesday. Authorities reported that the fiery debris caused localised bushfires in the vicinity. Reports came flooding in from across the northern state of Nuevo Leon after the suspected meteorite streaked across the sky at approximately 22:14 local time on Tuesday night. Eyewitness and doorbell … Continue reading

ufo Colima volcano  2020
UFO Approaches Colima Volcano and Descends on the Hillside

UFOs recorded near volcanoes is not a new occurrence by any means and there have been recorded on volcano cams many times before. The Colima volcano in Mexico is no exception and in fact is a hotspot for UFO sightings. According to analysis of the video, a luminous object approached the Colima volcano, then the object changed course and descended … Continue reading

UFO Cancun July 2020
UFO Recorded over Cancun, Mexico

An unidentified flying object was was seen over Cancun, Mexico (in the 518 region of the Enrique Rangel neighborhood of Cancun) on July 27, 2020 The sighting was captured by Johanna Loyo, who mentioned this message on her social networks. ‘For the first time my husband and I witnessed an amazing sighting !!! finally after so many years we were … Continue reading

hurricane from space
‘Alien Base’ is Protecting Mexico, Says Group

Are extraterrestrials controlling weather here on Earth and more specifically in parts of Mexico, or is there just some natural phenomena at play? via Unexplained-Mysteries: A group in the country’s north-east believes that aliens are helping to protect local cities from hurricanes. For the cities along Mexico’s Gulf coast, hurricane season brings with it an understandable sense of increased trepidation, … Continue reading

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