World’s Largest Plane Performs A Runway Cruise

Stratolaunch’s new aircraft is so enormous that its wingspan could contain an entire football field. Measuring a whopping 385ft across and capable of carrying payloads of up to 500,000 pounds, the massive plane almost looks like two airliners stuck together with its unusual dual-fuselage design. Spearheaded by Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen, the project aims to create a cost-effective and … Continue reading

Computer Chip Security Flaw Affects Virtually All Modern Devices

A Google-affiliated team of security analysts have announced that virtually all modern computers are vulnerable to hacking due to a set of security flaws in chips from three of the largest software makers. Chips from Intel, Arm Holdings and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) all contained the flaw, according to a new report from Alphabet, Inc.’s Google Project Zero, whose stated … Continue reading

Privacy Watchdog Says Microsoft Used Personal Data of Windows 10 Users Without Permission

Microsoft has come under fire from a Dutch privacy watchdog over claims the tech giant collected data from personal computers using its Windows 10 package. The Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) alleges that Microsoft has been using its marquee operating system to collect information on users’ web surfing behavior so as to target them with personalized ads and recommendations. The … Continue reading

Microsoft Planning to Store Its Data on DNA in The Next 3 Years

If we used DNA like we use magnetic tape to store data today, it’s theoretically possible to store all of the information humans have ever recorded in a space roughly the size of a double garage. Sharing their goals with MIT Technology Review this week, Microsoft Research computer architects say they want to start storing their data on strands of … Continue reading

Devices Running Windows 10 Continue to ‘Collect Everything You Do, Say and Write’

European Union data protection authorities have expressed fresh concerns about the privacy of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system, despite tweaks being made to the OS after questions were raised about its treatment of personal data last year. In a letter, the Article 29 Working Group said it still has “significant concerns” about how Microsoft collects and processes users’ personal data, … Continue reading

AMAZING: You Will be Able to Have an Actual Conversation with Your Plant!

via mysteriousuniverse For years, gardeners have talked to their plants. However, new research shows that plants may talk back. One just has to speak the plant’s language of electrical and chemical signals. Helene Steiner, a United Kingdom designer and researcher has devised a way to hold a two-way conversation with plants. She devised this system while working as an artist-in-residence … Continue reading

Businessman Consulting Glowing Crystal Ball
World Predictions Until 2050 by Remote Viewer E.M Nicolay

Details about the future events that are going to happen by 2050 were predicted by a E.M Nicolay who is also known as Gene. Below are a few events written on our most probable present and future timeline: Around March 2015, there was an assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin by Western covert operations. During this time, he mysteriously disappeared from … Continue reading