US Special Forces ‘Iron Man’ Suit – Testing To Begin by Summer 2018

A fifth prototype of the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS) will be tested by US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) in about 18 months, James “Hondo” Geurts said, four years after SOCOM tasked US weapons makers with creating a product that resembles high-tech armored battle suits seen in Hollywood blockbuster movies. “Will we get everything we want? Probably not,” Geurts, … Continue reading

SHOCK CLAIM: ‘Secret Military Base Discovered After Fresh UFO Activity Near Roswell’

UFO investigators are investigating claims a secret US military base has been discovered near UFO mecca Roswell in New Mexico. The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has received a report from an unnamed witness that they have discovered the existence of the base after witnessing bizarre UFO activity nearby. The witness yesterday provided MUFON with video of an alleged UFO filmed … Continue reading

India Overtakes Saudi Arabia to Become Fourth-Largest Military Spender

India has surpassed Saudi Arabia and Russia in defense spending, making the nation of 1.25 billion the fourth-largest defense spender in the world. As soon as in 2018, India will become the third-largest military spender, taking the slot now occupied by the UK, if Jane’s 2016 Defense Budget Report pans out correctly. India spent $50.6 billion on its military in … Continue reading

Brandon Manitoba Canada is Becoming Canada’s New UFO Hot Spot

What’s up in Brandon? Some say UFO sightings. Locating near the U.S. border with North Dakota, it’s the second largest city in Manitoba, just 200 km (120 miles) from Winnipeg, one of the recognized UFO sightings hot spot in Canada. Perhaps there’s a little intercity rivalry going on here as a report about mysterious lights seen recently over Brandon prompted … Continue reading

US Military Develops ‘Multi-Object Kill Vehicle’ to Blast Enemy Nukes

Defensive weapons that can intercept and destroy enemy missiles before they can harm the United States or its allies have been a key part of military strategy for decades, but the rules of the game are changing. More countries have or are developing long-range missile technology, including systems that can carry multiple warheads, known as Multiple Independently Targetable Re-entry Vehicles … Continue reading

‘Do Not Resist’ Documentary Exposes the Frightening Militarization of American Police

In the days following last year’s Charleston church shooting, in which nine African-Americans were murdered by a white supremacist, an armored vehicle rolled up to a modest home in nearby Richland County, S.C. Fifteen SWAT team cops in body armor jumped out and smashed the windows of the house. “Can you do shit like that?” the homeowner asked one of … Continue reading

U.S. Military Worried About Losing the AI War

A Defense Department science board urges ‘immediate action’ to catch up on AI warfare. It took a while for the US military to bolster its defenses against cyberattacks, and it looks like there’s a similar deficit when it comes to artificial intelligence. A new Defense Department report says that the country needs to take “immediate action” to speed up its … Continue reading

A Collection of Different Convoy Trains Transporting Military Vehicles Tanks Carrying Hauling Moving Equipment USA

Recent Footage from This & past few months all around the United States. What are the NWO / Elite Planning? Is Obama waiting for next major event to declare martial law, run for a third term, WW3 ? FEMA UWEX 2016 the new Jade Helm? IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS CARING SHOW YOU CARE, … Continue reading

Is This The Secret Military Base Where Bodies of Aliens Were Taken?

FOR 100 years Porton Down has been the hidden-away base where research on the latest weaponry – and, some claim, the bodies of aliens – has been carried out. Grey-green clouds of a foul-smelling gas first billowed over the Allied trenches during the second battle of Ypres in April 1915. The soldiers unlucky enough to inhale it died a horrifyingly … Continue reading

Turkey Coup: Turkish Military Declares Takeover of Country, Top Officials Reportedly Taken Hostage

Editors Comment/Update: So based on reports from mainstream, the coup was a failed attempt but also there is suspicion that Turkeys President Erdogan may have staged the entire thing to gain a tighter grasp of power. UPDATE: After a night of explosions, gunfire and tanks rolling along the streets, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told Turkey Saturday that an attempted military … Continue reading

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