Americans Warned of Financial ‘Catastrophe’

““It makes me nervous…It would be devastating. It’s a catastrophe,” Yellen told Axios news outlet…” via sputniknews image: © Getty Images / Colin Anderson Productions The country faces a recession if it defaults on its debt, the Treasury secretary has said. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Saturday warned of dire consequences the country may be facing if it doesn’t … Continue reading

Global Economy in for ‘Violent’ Shocks Ahead – Economist

The coming recession will lead to a profound structural shift, Mohamed El-Erian says. via RT headline image: © Getty Images / jcrosemann There’s a tendency to see economic challenges as temporary and quickly reversible, but this time the world is headed for a profound economic and financial shift rather than just another recession, Mohamed El-Erian has warned. El-Erian is the … Continue reading

the key to happiness 14
Key to Happiness is TIME Study Says

What makes you happier, time or money ? According to researchers, stressing out over a lack of time is a leading cause of anxiety and depression. As modern lifestyles and work schedules become increasingly hectic, more and more people are experiencing what is known as “time famine”, the stressful feeling of having too much to do but not enough time … Continue reading

15 Richest Pastors in America
15 RICHEST PASTORS IN AMERICA: Is The Love of Money Destroying Christianity from Within? (Video)

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