Humans vs Superhumans | When Monsters Were Real and We Almost Went Extinct

Other than a handful of bacteria and viruses, there’s pretty much nothing stronger, more intelligent, or more adaptable than Homo sapiens. Telling the human story from the beginning is difficult. It was a time when two words defined our world: fear and violence. It was a time when we were not the apex predator; we were their prey. We emerged … Continue reading

Are Americans Most Afraid of Monsters and Zombies? Nope, the Government!

This year, the scariest Halloween costumes in the United States could be corrupt government officials or polluted water — at least according to a new survey ranking the top fears of Americans. Chapman University released its annual Survey of American Fears yesterday (Oct. 11), and fears about the government and the environment dominated the top 10. As in 2015 and … Continue reading