Russian Lunar Mission May Finally Put End to Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory

A group of Russian engineers and space enthusiast aim to develop and launch a satellite to check the “lunar conspiracy” theory: the satellite will take pictures of footprints and the lunar rovers, American Apollos and Soviet Lunokhods (“Moonwalkers”) left on the Moon. Russian space enthusiast Vitaly Egorov, who initiated the project, told Sputnik about the satellite development. “I have been … Continue reading

Moon Vacation Soon, For Just $10,000

Are you ready to take a vacation excursion to the Moon? Can you afford ten grand (US) – with easy low monthly payments of just $83.33 per month? By the time you pay for it, the founder of a company called Moon Express says it will be offering round trips for $10,000. At those prices, Buzz Aldrin may want to … Continue reading

The impact site of the Apollo 16 mission's S-IVB rocket stage, which slammed into the lunar surface in April 1972.
Credit: NASA/Goddard/Arizona State University
Moon Mystery Solved! Apollo Rocket Impact Site Finally Found

A sharp-eyed NASA spacecraft has spotted the final resting place of part of one of the rockets that took astronauts to the moon, more than 43 years after the booster slammed into the lunar surface. The space agency’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has finally found the crater created by the impact of the Apollo 16 mission’s S-IVB rocket stage back … Continue reading