Wichita Beheading
Wichita Woman Convicted of Beheading Ex-boyfriend’s Mother

Warning: graphic content via Yahoo News: A Wichita woman was convicted Thursday of first-degree murder in the decapitation death of her ex-boyfriend’s mother, whose head she left in the kitchen sink. Prosecutors said Rachael Hilyard cut off the head of 63-year-old Micki Davis using two steak knives on April 9, 2017. Davis had gone to Hilyard’s home with her 9-year-old … Continue reading

Was Marilyn Monroe About To Reveal Aliens, Did it Lead to Her Death?

She was one of the most popular actresses of all time. She was the first centerfold in Playboy magazine. Her name was – and still is – synonymous with the phrase “sex symbol.” She was married to one of America’s greatest baseball players and to one of the world’s greatest playwrights but is best remembered for her alleged affairs with … Continue reading