Canadian UFO Survey Finds First Nations Among Those Reporting Mysterious Lights in the Sky in 2016

Seven First Nations reported unidentified flying objects in 2016, according to an annual survey by Winnipeg-based Ufology Research. Three of those sightings were on Walpole Island — located over 250 kilometres southwest of Toronto — according to the 2016 Canadian UFO Survey, which lists 1,131 reports from across the country. The incidents in Walpole Island include someone reporting a “bright … Continue reading

Mysterious Bright Orange Lights Witnessed by Several Residents, Austin Texas

Multiple witnesses are claiming to have seen a UFO flying over Austin, with one resident even recording the mysterious lights. Rachel Jensen, the resident who took the video footage truly believes that what she saw were UFOs. Fox 7 reports that it was Jensen’s roommate who first saw the lights. The “impressive show” was composed of three lights that looked … Continue reading

Mysterious Lights Seen over Mesa, Arizona

Did you see mysterious lights in the sky over Mesa over the weekend? If so, you’re not alone! Viewer Jeremy White sent us video of some lights that he spotted. He said the lights, which were “bright red like fire” right before he started recording, began to flicker until they vanished. The clip he sent is 1 minute and 14 … Continue reading