Mysterious Object Lands in UK Garden Following Loud Thump in Middle of Night

This mysterious rock like object is causing quite a stir in Lowercroft. Now the couple in whose garden it was found are hoping someone may be able to shed some light on what it is — and where it came from. Pauline and Norman Pollard were baffled to discover the striking black and yellow material in their garden, just days … Continue reading

UK UFO Hotspot Has Another Mass Sighting

Devon county in England has been a hotbed of UFO activity. The sighting a few days ago only lends more fuel to the fire. Why do the people who live in Devon see so many strange objects in the sky? Ever since the 12th century, when religious pilgrims reported seeing a glowing dragon emerge from the sea and disappear into … Continue reading

A Mysterious Object Will Sweep Past Earth in 2017 – Scientists Have No Idea What It Is

Scientists are puzzled by an object that is going to hurtle past our planet in 2017. The mysterious object was spotted for the first time in 1991 by Astronomer James Scotti from the University of Arizona and is referred to as 1991 VG. The object is considered anomalous given its strange rotation and longevity in space. Among the proposed theories … Continue reading