Loud Mystery Booms Has Fair Oaks Residents on Edge

A series of startling booms are being reported in northeastern Sacramento County. Residents say they’ve been hearing the noises for months and are looking for answers. The tranquility of Fair Oaks neighborhoods is being shattered by some mysterious nighttime noises. Homeowners say they’re being startled by loud booms in the late evening hours. One explosion was even caught on a … Continue reading

Strange Unexplained Sounds and Mystery Booms Continue to Happen Around the World in 2017 (video)

Strange Sounds and mystery booms are happening around the world in 2017. Watch this video compilation of mysterious, unexplained and strange sounds events since beginning of 2017. Most if not all of these strange sounds continue to be unexplained and unsolved. Jason A YT-Channel IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS CARING Start the discussion, leave … Continue reading

Mystery Boom Phenomenon 2016 Compilation

A great compilation of mystery booms reported across the US and the world from 2016. Vast majority of booms heard world wide are left unexplained. They do seem to sound a lot like meteors exploding in our atmosphere. Has meteorite activity indeed increased like people were saying a few years back that it was going to become more and more … Continue reading