Aliens and UFOs in Indian Mythology – WERE THEY GODS?

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The Secret History of the Anunnaki and the Giant Mystery! What Do We Really Know?

They are among the most obscure deities that human history has to offer: The mystical Anunnaki. While most people believe that we should relegate the supernatural beings of Mesopotamian mythology to the world of fairy tales and legends, others are convinced that the gods did exist – and still do today! But what do we really know about the exciting … Continue reading

Ancient Giant Skeleton Found in Iran

News of giant skeletons in Iran generates talk of Nephilim, giants in stasis chambers and other stories and this new discovery is no different. The skeleton of a being much larger than humans living around 500 CE was found among artifacts at a dig in the Iranian province of Lorestan. The artifacts were dated from 550 BCE to 650 CE, … Continue reading

Time Travel From Ancient Mythology to Modern Science

Time travelling and time machines have been a topic of science fiction and countless movies for many decades. In fact, it appears that the possibility to travel in time, either into the future or into the past, has appealed to the imagination of mankind for centuries. While many may think it is absurd to believe that we could travel back … Continue reading

Giants-on-Earth 1
Giants Walked On Earth: Discoveries That Will Rewrite History

We all have probably heard of the Gigantic beings that “supposedly” walked n Earth in the Distant past. Some call them Cyclops, describing them with strange characteristics on their heads. Mythologically speaking, every time a giant walks an earthquake occurs. But there is a possibility that there is more to the giants than we have thought, some researchers believe the … Continue reading