Naples and Vesuvius panoramic view, Napoli, Campania, Italy
MEGA-VOLCANO Beneath Naples Show Signs it is on BRINK of Blowing

A MEGA-VOLCANO in southern Italy is showing signs of “reawakening” and could bring widespread devastation to the region. A slumbering volcano beneath the city of Naples may be near to its critical pressure point which could lead to a massive eruption. Researchers have identified the threshold at which rising magma at the Campi Flegrei volcano could trigger an eruption and … Continue reading

2 Million People Live Below the Vesuvius Supervolcano that Can Explode Any Second

People living in close proximity to the Vesuvius supervolcano are in real danger. Officials in the city have added around 1.5 million people living in 63 towns and villages on the outskirts of Naples to an existing red-zone of 600,000 people, within the closest 200 square kilometres to the peak, who were already deemed most at risk – taking the … Continue reading