Anti-radiation Pills, Survival Food Selling Out in US Amid Panic Buying

“As we previously highlighted, despite being largely useless in the event of an actual nuclear war (they’re meant to be used to protect against radiation leaks from nuclear plants), Europeans have also been panic buying potassium iodide pills.” by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News Image: SEAN GLADWELL via Getty Images Americans release their inner prepper. Anti-radiation pills and survival … Continue reading

US Analysts Paints Grim Prospects of US-Russia Nuclear War, 18M Casualties Per Hour

Moscow has repeatedly cautioned the US against deploying short and medium-range missiles near Russia’s borders in the wake of Washington’s withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. American researchers at Princeton University have presented the results of their modelling of the most drastic scenario of a conflict between NATO forces and Russia with the use of nuclear weapons. In … Continue reading

The Rendlesham Forest Incident – [Report Transcript]

Something strange and unusual did happen on the nights 26-29 December 1980 in Tangham Woods, a part of the Rendlesham Forest near Woodbridge, Suffolk, England. Rendlesham Forest case is undoubtedly one of the best documented and most significant military encounters with a UFO. It is also very credible incident. The region of Rendlesham Forest separates two US air bases, RAF … Continue reading

NATO Launches Exercise Near Russian-Norwegian Border 8,000 Troops Strong (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A total of 8,000 NATO soldiers have been deployed to the Finnmark region of northern Norway, 160-300 km from the Russian border, for a series of joint military exercises. The Joint Viking 2017 exercises, which involve British, American and Norwegian troops, kicked off Monday and are expected to last until March 15. According to the Norwegian Armed Forces website, the … Continue reading

Toying With War: The Polish Fear NATO Exercises, Simulations Could Spark Real War

Last week, analysts and military officials flocked to Warsaw National Stadium, where they conducted a detailed computer simulation of full-scale war between NATO and Russia in Europe. Speaking to Sputnik about the event, political scientist Adam Wielomski warned that endless simulations and recriminations could result in a real war breaking out. The war games, dubbed ‘War Game: Hegemon Baltic Campaign’, … Continue reading

US-NATO ‘Buildup on Russian Border Could Lead to Nuclear War’ – Nobel Laureate

US political leaders have falsely accused Moscow of threatening NATO member states while the alliance aggressively builds up military forces on Russia’s border, Nobel Peace Prize winner and global peace activist Helen Caldicott told Sputnik. On Thursday, US Secretary of Defense nominee James Mattis told a Senate committee in confirmation hearings that NATO must build capacity in eastern Europe to … Continue reading

Russian Senator Promises Nuclear Response to NATO Expansion

In response to NATO’s efforts to enlist new member-countries, a member of the defense and security committee for Russia’s Upper House has said that Russia will target any sites it considers to be a threat with nuclear weapons. “In reply to NATO’s aggressive actions, to the alliance’s attempts to draw more and more nations into their orbit, there will be … Continue reading

Where Are The World’s Nuclear Weapons Stored?

In December 2015, a Polish deputy minister mentioned plans to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s nuclear sharing program. This would mean that Poland would be allowed to keep American nukes in case of war. Although only 5 countries are allowed to possess nuclear weapons, they are actually stored in more than a dozen countries. So, where are the world’s … Continue reading

Has World War 3 ALREADY Started? Russia and NATO Exercises Risk Triggering Global Disaster

HUGE military drills on the border between Russia and NATO have sparked rumours a global conflict on a scale not seen since the 1940s may have already begun. Fears have grown in the wake of several large-scale military exercises in the Baltic States and eastern Europe. June’s Anakonda 2016 was the largest war game in the region since the end … Continue reading

US, NATO Preparing Unmanned Sixth Generation Fighter Jets That Will Be Armed With Lasers

The Western defense coalition is already planning on its sixth-generation fleet of fighter jets to counter the aviation advances made by Russia and China in recent years. The United States and its NATO allies have begun the planning stage for its next generation fighter jets in a bid to ensure lasting air superiority over novel fifth-generation Russian and Chinese fighter … Continue reading

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