America’s Wealthy Flee Covid-19 Epicentre for Their New Zealand Bunkers

The rich and ‘powerful’ have always had an edge at pretty much everything, and now looks like it is so even with preparing for, and surviving potentially apocalyptic events! Anuja Nadkarni via Stuff: Apocalypse-fearing wealthy Americans, and Kiwis, are reportedly shipping survival bunkers to New Zealand where they believe they will be safe. Rich Americans are reportedly fleeing to their … Continue reading

New Zealand Volcano Eruption Leaves Survivors with Ghastly Burns, Hospitals at Full Capacity

At least 27 of the 31 people injured in the volcanic blast that rocked the island on Monday suffered severe burns covering over two-thirds of their skin, the government said in a statement, noting the possibility that some of the injured will not survive. Burn centers across New Zealand are full to capacity as more than two dozen victims are … Continue reading

Waipukurau UFO Remains a Mystery 50 Years Later

In 1969, nightwatchman John Cudby had a terrifying encounter at New Zealand’s Waipukurau Aerodrome. The incident, which occurred in Central Hawke’s Bay on the night of October 30th, began when Cudby went out to search for a dog that was thought to be loose on the grounds. He was alerted to the presence of something unusual when he heard a … Continue reading

Sightings of UFOs and Strange Phenomena on the Rise over New Zealand

A UFO organisation with links to the Chilean government is investigating eight reports of strange phenomena across New Zealand skies this year and says sightings are increasing. UFOCUS NZ director Suzanne Hansen told RNZ there was an emerging pattern of reported sightings of UFOs throughout the country, involving ‘corridors’ and ‘hotspots’ and that many sightings seemed to be associated with … Continue reading

Scientists Preparing for Future Hikurangi Subduction Zone Faultline Rupture

“… we know a rupture at some point in the future is certain.” The Hikurangi Project is a multinational science investigation of the subduction zone beneath New Zealand’s North Island. Specially designed pressure sensors are in place to detect uplift or subsidence of the sea floor. It’s not a matter of if the Hikurangi subduction zone will go, it’s when … Continue reading

Kaikoura Lights Mystery Turns 40

Four decades ago, multiple UFO sightings were reported over the Kaikoura mountains on South Island. The peculiar spate of sightings began on December 21st when the crew of a Safe Air Ltd cargo aircraft reported that a number of strange lights had been following their plane for several minutes. The UFOs, which seemed to surround the aircraft, disappeared and reappeared … Continue reading

Meteor Fireball Over New Zealand Arrived With a Boom and Lit Up the Sky

It glowed like a meteor, boomed like a meteor, and therefore – applying the duck test – was probably a meteor. Social media pages across the Upper Clutha lit up on Monday night with postings of an extraterrestrial object in the sky to the west of Lakes Wanaka and Hawea. Some said it was green, others that it was blue … Continue reading

Farmer Discovers Massive Sinkhole in New Zealand (VIDEO)

A dairy farmer got the shock of a lifetime this week after stumbling upon a sinkhole the length of two football fields and the depth of a six-story building on a farm in Rotorua, a town located on New Zealand’s North Island. According to local media reports, a farmer discovered the sinkhole before dawn when he was rounding up his … Continue reading

Meteor Fireball Spotted over Northland New Zealand

Residents of a Far North holiday hotspot were treated to a flashy display of space fireworks late last night. Cable Bay resident Sheryl Day was out on her deck at about 10.45pm when she saw what she described as a “large, intense yellow fireball, tinged with green”. “Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something bright, and as … Continue reading

Anomalous Tsunami Waves Followed M5.9 Earthquake in Kermadec Region, New Zealand

On December 8, 2017, a M5.9 earthquake struck ~200km south of Raoul Island and on the southern margin of Curtis Island in the Kermadecs, New Zealand. A few hours after the seismic event, tunami waves – reaching up to 1 meter – were measured at the GeoNet‘s Raoul Island pressure gauges. Scientists are baffled: normally tsunami waves aren’t expected after … Continue reading

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