Sahara Dust Cloud Jun 2020
Saharan Dust Cloud Blankets Caribbean, Heads Toward US

An enormous dust cloud is traveling from the Sahara desert across the Atlantic Ocean and may soon hit parts of the United States, according to scientists with the US National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The large plume, which has been dubbed the “Godzilla dust cloud,” is currently covering the Caribbean and is expected to blanket parts of the US … Continue reading

Geomagnetic Storm Likely to Hit Portions of US Over the Weekend

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has classified a piece of rapidly approaching foul ‘space weather’ as a G2, the second-lowest on the G1-G5 scale of geomagnetic storms. But there is a possibility that highly-charged particles contained in the solar wind may cause electric disturbances on affected areas of our planet, the ABC57 broadcaster reported. According to the … Continue reading

5G Mobile Networks Could Interfere with Weather Forecasts, Meteorologists Warn

We can add this issue on top of the terrible health risks of 5G to all life on earth! via Wireless radio frequencies being auctioned by the U.S. government for mobile 5G networks could interfere with weather forecasts and make them much less accurate, meteorologists warn. The mobile network could cause interference that prevents satellites from detecting concentrations of … Continue reading

Mini Ice Age Possible, Indicated by Record High Cosmic Rays Entering Earth’s Atmosphere

The solar minimum is well and truly here after scientists recorded an all-time high in cosmic rays, meaning Earth could face a ‘mini Ice Age’. Some ten years ago, scientists noticed an all-time high in cosmic rays – rays which originate from deep space, not to be confused with solar rays. Now, scientists have noticed cosmic rays are back on … Continue reading

Meteor Fireball Lights Up Night Sky over US Mid-Atlantic

Hundreds of individuals in at least 12 US states witnessed an incredibly bright, blue-green fireball streak across the sky late Tuesday night. A Wednesday release by the American Meteor Society (AMS) announced the organization received a total 360 reports from some 12 states detailing alleged meteor activity. Though the majority of witnesses came from Virginia; Washington, DC; and Maryland around … Continue reading

Satellite Feed Shows Mysterious Giant Triangle Over Pacific

The man who made this interesting discovery admitted that he doesn’t know what that enigmatic object is, noting that it doesn’t look natural. A peculiar sight recorded by an orbiting spacecraft was recently brought to the attention of the public by one inquisitive man who was watching the feed of a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellite. A video … Continue reading

northern lights 002
Unusual Geomagnetic Storm May Result in Northern Lights over New York and Chicago

Cities as far south as New York and Chicago may see the Northern Lights on Saturday due to an unusual geomagnetic storm, meteorologists said.” “According to the NOAA’s graph, some parts of states like Illinois, Michigan, New York, and Pennsylvania might be able to see the lights” A giant cloud of charged particles from the solar corona – the layer … Continue reading

Geoengineering: How Afraid Should We Be?

By guest writer Jeff Rudolph BENDEDREALITY.COM – March 2019 Geoengineering or climate engineering is exactly what it sounds like. It is playing God by taking things such as our weather, our climate, and the entire environment into our hands and manipulating it. It is recklessly destroying our planet. It is performing huge operations without our knowledge that are speeding up … Continue reading

Earth’s Magnetic Field Behaving Mysteriously, North Pole Shifting Towards Siberia Rapidly

The rate of the shift seems to be increasing rapidly, we could be in for some serious consequences if this should happen too quicky for us to adjust and adapt. via RT: Earth’s magnetic field, the basis for modern global navigation systems, is constantly in some state of flux. However, it now seems to be going haywire, pushing the North … Continue reading

This image provided by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center shows a significant solar flare erupting on June 10, 2014. The sun has emitted 3 X-class solar flares in two days.  X-class denotes the most intense solar flares. (AP Photo/Goddard Space Flight Center)
Declassified Navy Documents Reveal A Solar Storm Detonated Dozens of US Sea Mines

An extraordinary account of the impact space weather had on military operations in Vietnam in 1972 was found buried in the US Navy archives, according to a newly published article in Space Weather. On August 4, 1972, the crew of a US Task Force 77 aircraft flying near a naval minefield in the waters off Hon La observed 20 to … Continue reading

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