Trump Says ‘Very Possible’ that N. Korea Situation Can’t be Resolved Peacefully

It’s “very possible” the standoff with North Korea might not be resolved peacefully, Donald Trump has said in an exclusive interview with Reuters, and he’s not sure if the inter-Korean dialogue will lead to “anything meaningful.” “I’d sit down, but I‘m not sure that sitting down will solve the problem,” Trump said. “I am not sure that talks will lead … Continue reading

Footage Seems to Indicate North Korea Might Possess an H-Bomb

A 30-minute video showing a December 12 conference in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang may have revealed more than intended about the extent of North Korea’s military might. The video shows, hanging on a wall of North Korean achievements in weapons production, a picture of the late Kim Jong-il probing some large sphere or cylinder. While the video is … Continue reading

America Will be WIPED OUT by North Korea in Nuclear War According to Biblical Prophecy

A PASTOR has warned the United States could be wiped out by nuclear war after he analysed texts from the Bible. American Pastor Greg Laurie, of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, believes the US could be obliterated in a nuclear war before the end of the world begins. Pastor Laurie says the prophecy was revealed to him after he … Continue reading

N. Korea FM Says Launch of Nukes Towards US “Inevitable” Thanks To Trump Rhetoric

Pyongyang claimed on Saturday that launching ballistic missiles toward the US is “inevitable all the more” due to US President Donald Trump’s labelling of DPRK leader Kim Jong-un as “rocket man”. Just hours after USAF B-1B nuclear-weapon-capable bombers flew close to the northern nation, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho in his statement to the United Nations General Assembly … Continue reading

North Korea Now Has ‘Advanced Hydrogen Bomb’ that Can Be Carried on ICBM’s

North Korea has developed a new, more advanced hydrogen nuke that is small enough to be fitted on a new intercontinental ballistic missile, state media KCNA has claimed. According to the KCNA report, North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Institute has created a “more developed nuke,” bringing about a “signal turn” in the country’s nuclear arsenal. Kim Jong-un, the country’s leader, inspected … Continue reading

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Govt Run Media Says China Prepared to PREVENT US ‘First Strike’ Against North Korean Regime

And this my friends is how serious WORLD conflicts arise and can potentially lead to apocalyptic world wars. RT Reports: China will prevent the US and South Korea from carrying out strikes on North Korea and trying to overthrow the leadership there, but will remain neutral if Pyongyang launches missiles at American targets first, the state-run Global Times said. The … Continue reading

Defense Secretary Mattis Warning To North Korea: ‘You Will Lose’

After Trump’s inflaming “Fire and Fury” comment (which can be seen in the video towards the end of the article), things seemed to have taken a slight turn for the worse as North Korea seemingly left with no choice but to respond to his threatening words and have upped the ante and decided to then threaten nearby Guam where large … Continue reading

After Latest Test N. Korea Claims They Are Now Able to Deliver ‘Nuke’ Across ENTIRE US Mainland

The North Korean ICBM system is now able to fire at “random regions and locations at random times” with the “entire” US mainland within its range, according to the latest statement by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. He spoke shortly after the second flight test of yet another long-range missile, the Hwasong-14. According to the Korean Central News Agency as … Continue reading

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US Forces Could Have Assassinated Kim Jong-un On July 4 But Didn’t Take the Shot

When North Korea tested its first successful intercontinental ballistic on July 4, US forces had a “very easy shot at killing Kim and didn’t,” Stratfor Asia Pacific consultant Rodger Baker told Business Insider. During the launch, Kim reportedly hung around the platform smoking cigarettes for over an hour, The Diplomat reported, giving US military and intelligence agents the opportunity to … Continue reading

Intel Head Says It Is ‘Inevitable’ That North Korea Will Build Nuclear-Armed Missile Able to Reach US

The Defense Intelligence Agency has provided the first official US assessment of North Korea’s latest missile test, telling a Senate committee that the reclusive nation is on a clear trajectory to obtaining a nuclear-armed missile that could hit the US. DIA Director Lieutenant General Vincent Stewart and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee … Continue reading

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