Meteor_Norway_Jul 2021
Meteor Blazes over Norway Night Sky with a Bang

“A team of experts are hunting for the meteorite, which they believe landed in a forest near the capital, Oslo.” By Joshua Nevett via BBC News Norwegians have been left awestruck by a bright meteor that illuminated the night sky in the country’s south-east. Footage shows powerful flashes of light over Norway, followed by what witnesses described as loud bangs … Continue reading

Giant Meteor Norway Nov 2020
Giant Green Meteor Fireball Lights up Night Sky over Norway

A meteor camera captured a giant green fireball shooting across the night sky of Larvik, Norway, on November 7. Sveinung Vegum’s camera captured the moment the fireball approached from afar before falling on the horizon. Local media in Norway reported the fireball had fallen over Sweden. Norwegian Meteor Network said it received close to 100 reports of a powerful fireball … Continue reading

UFO 1994
Flying Saucer Recorded Over Oslo, Norway Using 8mm Camera

This video was taken in 1994 so the quality of amateur video would not have been quite as good as it is today, nevertheless the footage is quite good. According to the person who took the video: “I filmed this UFO in January 1994 with my 8mm camera. This flying object did not make any sound. It was flying over … Continue reading

Hessdalen phenomenon
Study Looks at the Mysterious Lights Observed over Norway

As a study published last year in Frontiers in Earth Science shared,”rare and unusual atmospheric lights have been reported in the valley of Hessdalen in Norway for over a century.” Yet, “in spite of their irregular occurrence-i.e., 15 to 20 times per week from 1981 to 1984 and 10 to 20 times per year nowadays-the Hessdalen lights (HL) have been … Continue reading

‘Doomsday’ Library Joins Seed Vault in Arctic Svalbard, Norway

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault, located underground on a remote island in the Arctic Circle, is the world’s largest security storage for seeds. The so-called doomsday seed vault located underground on a remote island in the Arctic Ocean has gained a neighbor, and the new vault, opened March 27, will act as a digital archive for the world’s data. The … Continue reading

Norway Daytime Meteor Fireball Breaks Up and Booms

An impressive bright flash appeared above central Norway on January 15, 2017, and was observed from both western and eastern Norway. Eyewitnesses are asked to submit their reports. According to the Norwegian Meteor Network, the event occurred around 13:48 UTC and was accompanied by a sonic boom a few minutes later, suggesting that the event was a fireball coming a … Continue reading