Worry Over Underground Explosions at Fukushima Expressed by Nuclear Investigator

Excerpts from a column by Robert Cringely (Cringely is a best-selling author and his work has appeared in The New York Times, Newsweek, and Forbes. He wrote in 2009 that “there is a place for nuclear power in our energy future”.), Feb 17, 2017 (emphasis added): Here’s why I am writing about this subject and why you should take me … Continue reading

Mysterious Metal “Small Pox” Causing Massive Radiation Leak at Nuclear Plant in India, Experts Befuddled

Hindustan Times, Mar 19, 2017 (emphasis added): A year after heavy water leaked from the coolant channel in unit I of the [India’s] Gujarat-based Kakrapar Atomic Power Station (KAPS-1), preliminary investigations have found corrosion spots on the channel’s outer surface, and through-wall cracks in it… On March 12, KAPS-1… underwent an automatic shut down at 9 am after a leak … Continue reading

Radioactive Contamination Spreading in Shuttered Hanford Site Nuclear Plant

The Hanford Site plant in Washington hasn’t been operational since 1967, but continues to spread radioactive waste, with a demolition date earmarked as late as 2032. Although it hasn’t been operational for nearly 50 years, a report published by the Tri-City Herald has found that radioactive contamination is spreading inside the plant’s Reduction-Oxidation Complex (REDOX) and could be worsened as … Continue reading

France’s Nuclear Power Stations ‘At Risk of Catastrophic Failure’

A new review of the safety of France’s nuclear power stations has found that at least 18 of EDF’s units are are ”operating at risk of major accident due to carbon anomalies.” The review was carried out at the request of Greenpeace France following the discovery of serious metallurgical flaws by French regulators in a reactor vessel at Flamanville, where … Continue reading

Big One Due? California’s Last Nuclear Plant Closing Amid Quake Fears As Rumbles Continue

THE last nuclear power plant in California is to close amid fears of the mass devastation that would be caused if it remains active when an expected powerful earthquake strikes. Officials are on standby for a long-overdue magnitude seven or eight earthquake along the 800-mile San Andreas Fault line because major movement within it has been identified. Medium-sized earthquakes continue … Continue reading

Japan Hopes Wall of Ice Will Contain Fukushima Radiation

When your swimming pool springs a leak, do you try to plug the hole with an ice cube? When the local river floods, do you attempt to protect your home with blocks of ice? Despite the obvious answers to these questions, the Japanese government is going ahead with plans to build a wall of ice around the Fukushima nuclear plant … Continue reading