29 Nuclear Reactors In France Vulnerable to Natural Disaster – Nuclear Safety Authority

A natural disaster could put at risk the cooling systems of almost 30 nuclear reactors at 12 nuclear sites in France, according to the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN). On Monday, the ASN said that 20 nuclear reactors at 8 nuclear plants operated by EDF are potentially at risk of a “total loss of the heat sink,” which is classified as … Continue reading

hanford department of energy
Welcome to ‘the Most toxic place in America’

Athletic 35-year-old men who have never touched cigarettes are not supposed to come down with a debilitating lung disease usually linked to smoking. But Seth Ellingsworth of West Richland, Washington, says he got sick in an instant last year, when he briefly inhaled a strange odor at his job at the nearby Hanford Nuclear Site. “I started having breathing problems,” … Continue reading

Chernobyl and Fukushima Half-Life of Plutonium IS 250,000 Years!

Seen in the main headline image: Checking for signs of radiation among children evacuated from near the Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant Dear Folks: Watch and Listen. The deadly Facts that come with having Nuclear Power Generation Reactors. If you haven’t looked at the YOUTUBE video shared by BENDEDREALITY yesterday: Ukraine Documentary – What really happened at Chernobyl Ukraine already … Continue reading