President Trump Compliments French First Lady’s Figure in Awkward Moment

Donald Trump inspired a collective cringe after telling French President Emmanuel Macron’s wife, Brigitte, she was in “good shape,” seemingly unable to mask his shock that an older woman could be so trim. The moment was captured in a live video on Macron’s Facebook page Thursday. The Trumps and Macrons are seen chatting after visiting museums at Les Invalides. Trump … Continue reading

France Declares Permanent Police State

The state of emergency in France will last until the ISIS is no longer a threat to France and the rest of the world. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls revealed this during the Davos globalist confab. Following the attacks in Paris on November 13, 2015 the French government rapidly declared a state of emergency. Heavily armed and militarized SWAT cops … Continue reading

statueoflibert withchemtrails
Manipulating The Masses As Societal Collapse Accelerates

Conveniently timed mass murder terrorist attacks, completely engineered climate catastrophes, and media fueled materialistic mass distraction mayhem, all play into the hand of the power elite. The San Bernardino shootings are latest in a very long string of attacks in which authorities just happened to be engaged in a “drill” for just such an attack, on the day the attack was … Continue reading