We May Have Found the Hypothetical Planet 9!

Before the 20th century, we had a pretty good theory that explained a bunch of stuff. It explained the motion of the planets around the Sun (specifically, it explained why planets follow an elliptical path). This was the Newton theory. Among other things, it showed that humans can fly on aeroplanes. It also suggested the idea that an apple and … Continue reading

Mysterious object Observed 20B Miles from Earth in 1983 ‘May Have Been Elusive Planet Nine’

“Its huge orbit would mean it takes between 10,000 and 20,000 years to make a single pass around the sun.” by Ryan Morrison via Daily Mail A mysterious, small and cold object seen 20 billion miles from Earth by astronomers in 1983 may have been the elusive Planet Nine, according to a new report. Astronomers have speculated over the existence … Continue reading

Mysterious New Planet Possibly Spotted in Our Solar System

“…evidence of a mysterious planet up to 10 times bigger than Earth, with a distant orbit around the Sun, has been unveiled by professor of astrophysics at Imperial College of London…” via RT Headline Image: © Akirastock / Getty Images An object lurking in the outer region of our solar system may well be the elusive Planet 9, a leading … Continue reading

Planet 9 May Be Out There – Here’s Where We Need To Look

By BRIAN KOBERLEIN via ScitechDaily There are eight known planets in the solar system (ever since Pluto was booted from the club), but for a while, there has been some evidence that there might be one more. A hypothetical Planet 9 lurking on the outer edge of our solar system. So far this world has eluded discovery, but a new … Continue reading

Planet X YT Doc12340185
Why Can’t Scientists Find the Enormous Planet X?

At the distance the postulated Planet X would be, any movement by either Earth or Planet X/Planet Nine would cause it to easily be missed by the observer in my opinion. I believe this is part of the reason it has so far eluded being seen, we just haven’t spotted it yet as the area is too vast. IF YOU … Continue reading

Planet 9 May Be BlackHole
New Plan Devised to Test if Mysterious ‘Planet Nine’ is a Primordial Black Hole

In headline image: Planet Nine eclipsing the central Milky Way, with the Sun in the distance, artist’s impression. © Wikipedia Scientists at Harvard University have developed a new method to hunt down black holes beyond our galaxy which may finally figure out what is going on with the oft-theorized but never-witnessed ‘Planet Nine.’ The method will make use of the … Continue reading

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Planet 9 May Already Have Been Found, Study Suggests

Since its launch in April 2018, NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) has found a number of exoplanets, including a so-called “missing link” and an exoplanet with three suns. But a new study suggests the $200 million satellite may have also discovered the mysterious Planet 9. The research, published in Research Notes of the AAS, notes that TESS is able … Continue reading

UFO huge object near Sun (1)
Huge Object Near the Sun Captured by NASA and Sky Watcher

A civilian sky watcher happened to capture a massive object near the sun and it was also picked up by NASA! NASA’s Satellite EI 284 captured on Sep 30, 2018 01.06 AM a huge bright object that appears to leave the Sun’s surface. On the evening of September 29, 2018, skyWatcher Stefano Farigu was on the mountains of Sinnai in … Continue reading

news-asteroid-belt (1)
A New Theory Casts Doubt As to the Existence of Planet Nine

For now there are only theories.. via unexplained-mysteries: Scientists have come up with an alternative explanation for the peculiar orbits of some distant objects. Nobody knows exactly where it is, how big it is or if it even exists at all, but when researchers at the California Institute of Technology revealed in 2016 that the existence of a ninth planet … Continue reading

Discovery of Solar System Object Provides Further Evidence of a Hidden Planet Nine

A strange dwarf world was found by astronomers providing even more evidence that a giant planet is lurking at the edge of our solar system. There might be a large planet lurking somewhere at the very edge of our solar system, and astronomers are hunting for it. While they have yet to find direct evidence of the planet, a recent … Continue reading

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