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Alternative Theory of Gravity Could Explain Evidence of Planet Nine

“Believed to be up to ten times the mass of the Earth and with an orbital period of up to 20,000 years, Planet Nine, if it exists, will be situated somewhere beyond the orbit of Neptune.” by T.K. Randall via Unexplained-Mysteries Orbital inconsistancies indicative of a mysterious hidden planet in our solar system may have an alternative explanation. Nobody knows … Continue reading

planet nine-02
Is an Alien Planet Hiding at the Edge of Our Solar System ?

“Researchers now believe that there is around a 7% chance that a rogue planet from a distant part of the galaxy…” by T.K. Randall via Unexplained-Mysteries Astronomers believe that there is a small chance that a rogue planet could have been ‘captured’ by the Sun’s gravity. A few years ago, the possibility that there was an undiscovered planet in our … Continue reading

We May Have Found the Hypothetical Planet 9!

Before the 20th century, we had a pretty good theory that explained a bunch of stuff. It explained the motion of the planets around the Sun (specifically, it explained why planets follow an elliptical path). This was the Newton theory. Among other things, it showed that humans can fly on aeroplanes. It also suggested the idea that an apple and … Continue reading

Cosmic Objects with Strange Orbits Discovered Beyond Neptune

Are they being tugged by Planet Nine? By Stephanie Pappas via Live Science Image credit: MARK GARLICK/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY via Getty Images A six-year search of space beyond the orbit of Neptune has netted 461 newly discovered objects. These objects include four that are more than 230 astronomical units (AU) from the sun. (An astronomical unit is the distance from … Continue reading

Astronomers Discover a “Twin” Planet to the Mysterious, Long-Predicted Planet Nine

By NICOLE KARLIS via Of all the planets that humans have discovered in other solar systems, most of them orbit close and tight to their parent star. That’s partially due to the selection effect: the easiest-to-spot exoplanets (meaning a planet outside of our solar system) are those that are close enough to their star (or stars). Hence, finding a … Continue reading

New ‘Second Sun’ Theory Indicates that ‘Planet Nine’ is not Alone in the Outer Solar System

Our Sun had a companion and there could be many undiscovered dwarf planets in the outer Solar System. That’s according to a new paper from scientists from Harvard University. Published recently in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, the paper by Dr. Avi Loeb, Professor of Science at Harvard and Harvard undergraduate student Amir Siraj goes against the dominate “lone star” thinking … Continue reading

Our Sun May Have Started Its Life with a Binary Companion

Headline caption: Artist’s conception of a potential solar companion, which theorists believe was developed in the Sun’s birth cluster and later lost. If proven, the solar companion theory would provide additional credence to theories that the Oort cloud formed as we see it today, and that Planet Nine was captured rather than formed in place. Cambridge, MA – A new … Continue reading

Planet 9 May Be BlackHole
New Plan Devised to Test if Mysterious ‘Planet Nine’ is a Primordial Black Hole

In headline image: Planet Nine eclipsing the central Milky Way, with the Sun in the distance, artist’s impression. © Wikipedia Scientists at Harvard University have developed a new method to hunt down black holes beyond our galaxy which may finally figure out what is going on with the oft-theorized but never-witnessed ‘Planet Nine.’ The method will make use of the … Continue reading

Hundreds of Minor Planets Found Beyond Neptune in OUR SOLAR SYSTEM, Planet Nine Next?

Researchers have successfully identified 316 minor planets beyond Neptune, 139 of which are completely new, in a discovery which could bring us one step closer to hunting down the mysterious Planet Nine. Using infrared and near-infrared data taken from the southern sky by the Dark Energy Survey (DES), scientists have painstakingly tracked down over 300 trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs) at the … Continue reading

Planet X Might Be a Miniature Black Hole, Researchers Say

An astronomical anomaly considered by scientists to point to an as-yet-undiscovered planet may actually be a big black hole lurking deep within our solar system, according to a new theory. Mathematical evidence for a planet, dubbed Planet Nine or Planet X by space scientists, was revealed by Caltech researchers in 2015. The strange object, they said, could have a mass … Continue reading

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