Scientists Grow Plants in Moon Soil – A First in Human History

““We were amazed. We did not predict that,” Paul said. “That told us that the lunar soils didn’t interrupt the hormones and signals involved in plant germination.”” scitechdaily By UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Image: In this 2021 photo provided by the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, a researcher at a laboratory in Gainesville, Fla., places a thale … Continue reading

Mini ‘Brains’ Used By Plant Seeds To Decide When To Sprout

Plant seeds may use miniature “brains” to help them decide whether to sprout or stay dormant, new research suggests. These seed “brains” don’t have traditional gray matter, but they do use the same architecture for information-processing as our brains do, interpreting a cascade of hormone signals to decide when to germinate, the study found. “Plants are just like humans in … Continue reading

Study Indicates Plants Seem to Be Able to Detect Sounds

Pseudoscientific claims that music helps plants grow have been made for decades, despite evidence that is shaky at best. Yet new research suggests some flora may be capable of sensing sounds, such as the gurgle of water through a pipe or the buzzing of insects. In a recent study, Monica Gagliano, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Western Australia, … Continue reading

Primitive Plants Survival in Space Supports Theory that Comets and Meteorites May Have Brought Life to Otherwise Sterile Planets

Primitive plants are the latest forms of Earth life to show they can survive in the harshness of space, and for many months. Cold-loving algae from the Arctic Circle have joined the space-travelling club, alongside bacteria, lichens and even simple animals called tardigrades. Preliminary studies of the algae after their return to Earth from the International Space Station lend some … Continue reading

Study Finds Plants are Capable of Associative Learning, an Ability Thought to be Exclusive to Animals

Plants can learn about their environment by linking events, researchers from The University of Western Australia have found. A new study led by The University of Western Australia has demonstrated for the first time that plants can learn about their environment by making links between events, an ability thought to be exclusive to animals. The international research team, led by … Continue reading

AMAZING: You Will be Able to Have an Actual Conversation with Your Plant!

via mysteriousuniverse For years, gardeners have talked to their plants. However, new research shows that plants may talk back. One just has to speak the plant’s language of electrical and chemical signals. Helene Steiner, a United Kingdom designer and researcher has devised a way to hold a two-way conversation with plants. She devised this system while working as an artist-in-residence … Continue reading