Pluto Has Giant Ice Volcanoes that Could Hint at the Possibility of Life

“Pluto once had a subsurface ocean, and finding these ice volcanoes could suggest that the subsurface ocean is still present — and that liquid water could be close to the surface. Combined with the idea that Pluto has a warmer interior than previously believed, the findings raise intriguing questions about the dwarf planet’s potential habitability.” by Ashley Strickland CNN via … Continue reading

NASA Releases SPECTACULAR Pluto Flyover Video

In the past I’ve found catchy NASA video headlines like “amazing flyover” etc. only to be disappointed with the videos but this one is FANTASTIC! It is short but a MUST WATCH in my humble opinion. Now that’s more like it NASA 🙂 Would love to see this type of flyover done for all the planets. via unexplained-mysteries: What would … Continue reading

New Research Leads to Consideration that Our Moon And Pluto are of Planet Status

Is the moon a planet? How about Pluto? Astronomical authorities say no, but Alan Stern, who led the research on the New Horizons probe to Pluto, begs to differ. Stern is part of the team behind a new paper published in Planetary and Lunar Sciences, which argues that the existing definition of “planet” is flawed. Under Stern’s new definition, the … Continue reading

A New Scientific Paper Argues the Moon is a Planet—And So is Pluto

Every now and then a scientific paper makes a real splash. We had one recently, to judge from recent headlines. “Moon rises to claim its place as a planet” said The Sunday Times on February 19, while the Mail Online asked “Is this lunarcy?”. The articles were among many responding to the humble paper: “A Geophysical Planet Definition,” which suggested … Continue reading

WATCH: Visit Scenic Pluto: NASA Puts Out Landing Simulation Video

If Pluto’s temperatures of -240°C, frozen nitrogen surface, and 7.5-billion kilometer travel distance do not turn you off from taking your next vacation there, then NASA’s new video simulating a landing on the dwarf planet may be of interest to you. To commemorate 11 years since the launch of its New Horizons spacecraft, NASA combined 100 images taken by the … Continue reading

Alien Life Unlike Anything Found on Earth Could Exist on Pluto

BIZARRE life-forms unlike anything found on Earth may be lurking beneath the surface of Pluto, astronomers believe. Earlier this year it was revealed that beneath Pluto’s massive-heart shaped region in the southern hemisphere of the dwarf planet, there is potentially an ocean. This has led scientists to believe that the small planet which hangs around at the edge of our … Continue reading

Evidence of Water Found on Pluto

Main Image Caption: NASA image of Pluto showing heart shaped Tombaugh Regio. Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Pluto, demoted from full planetary status a decade ago, continues to surprise and astonish researchers who are sifting through data from the New Horizons‘ recent fly-by. New Horizons is the NASA mission, launched in 2006, that made a close approach to Pluto in July, … Continue reading

Amazingly Even Distant Pluto May Have More Than 100 km of Liquid Water Beneath It’s Surface

Pluto may contain an ocean spanning over 100 kilometres beneath its icy surface, with a salt content similar to that of the Dead Sea on Earth, a new study suggests. Ever since NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto last year, evidence has been mounting that the dwarf planet may have a liquid ocean beneath its icy shell. Now, by … Continue reading

Pluto Is Shooting Out X-Rays And Astronomers Don’t Know Why

Pluto has been in the news quite often over the last few years since being reclassified as a dwarf planet. There has been some speculation that liquid oceans might be found on Pluto, and the once-planet has been observed to interact strangely with solar winds. Just this month, a new discovery about Pluto has the astronomy community puzzling over what … Continue reading

Pluto Behaves More Like a Large Planet

A new study has revealed the unique way that Pluto’s hazy atmosphere interacts with solar wind and suggests that Pluto is more like a planet than we think. Using data gained from the NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, a new study has revealed that the layers of Pluto’s atmosphere might form due to the influence of solar wind. The team observed … Continue reading

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