Something Isn’t Right…Our Magnetic Poles Are Rapidly Heading Towards The Equator!

Is this why billionaires are in a hurry to leave the planet? The North pole is now moving three times faster than normal towards Siberia and at its current rate, in a little less than one hundred years will at the equator. Matrix Wisdom YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL OTHERS ABOUT US…SHARING IS CARING Start the discussion, … Continue reading

Could Earth’s Magnetic Field be Reversing Due to Remains of Ancient Planetary Collision Embedded in the Deep Mantle?

“Earth’s magnetic field appears to be going through some bizarre changes, with its magnetic north pole shifting from the Canadian Arctic towards Siberia, and the flipping seems to be accelerating, raising concerns of a possible geomagnetic reversal..” By Daria Bedenko via Sputniknews Image: CC BY 2.0 / NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / Dynamic Earth – Earth’s Magnetic Field Our … Continue reading

Mystery Surrounds the Speed of Earth’s Magnetic North Pole’s Drift Towards Russia

Earlier this year, US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the British Geological Survey (BGS) were forced to update the World Magnetic Model a year ahead of schedule due to the speed with which the magnetic north pole is shifting out of the Canadian Arctic and toward Russia’s Siberia. The BGS and the US National Centers for Environmental Information has … Continue reading

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The Sharp Increase in Natural Disasters May Be Signs of an Impending Pole Shift

Right now we have two things in play. Scientist have warned about the possible increase in large earthquakes due to the slowing of Earth’s rotation and also we have seen many reports about the great likelihood of a pole flip (reversal). While I’m not certain these are related, the fact that they seem to be coinciding can’t be good. Let’s … Continue reading

WIKILEAKS: ‘Global Extinction in 20 Years as Magnetic North Heads Towards the Equator’

HILLARY Clinton’s campaign team was warned of the threat of a global extinction event in as soon as 20 years by a man claiming to be part of a secretive Government organisation, Wikileaks email releases have disclosed. John Podesta, Mrs Clinton’s campaign manger, was emailed by a man claiming to work for a secretive Canadian Government organisation who urged for … Continue reading

Shifting Earth Axis Pushes North Pole in ‘Dramatic Turn’ Eastward

Scientists have kept tabs on the shifting of the Earth’s axis since 1899, when the wobble of the Earth was first measured. For 100 years after the first wobble data was documented the Earth’s axis shifted in one direction, sending the North Pole drifting south toward Hudson Bay in Canada. But since the year 2000, the drift is going in … Continue reading