A Brief History of the Hunt for Planet X

When a group of astronomers in Sweden thought they found a new object in the far reaches of the solar system, they were cautiously excited. Rather than waiting to go through the long scientific publishing process, they quickly posted their findings online, inviting other astronomers to double-check their work. The reason for the buzz? The team thinks they may have … Continue reading

statueoflibert withchemtrails
Manipulating The Masses As Societal Collapse Accelerates

Conveniently timed mass murder terrorist attacks, completely engineered climate catastrophes, and media fueled materialistic mass distraction mayhem, all play into the hand of the power elite. The San Bernardino shootings are latest in a very long string of attacks in which authorities just happened to be engaged in a “drill” for just such an attack, on the day the attack was … Continue reading

Researcher believes Inner Earth Civilizations may soon reveal themselves to the World

There is a theory that an ancient civilization is living in the inner center of the Earth. It is believed that this civilization lives in so-called hollow cavities which were formed naturally below the surface of the crust. David Wilcock revealed that “What this means is that you can actually live inside caverns in the Earth that have visible light,” … Continue reading

Declassified Fukushima Report Shows It Was Worse Than We Were Told

Accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant happened in 2011. According to a declassified report, the Fukushima accident was a lot worse than it was told to the general public. A new declassified report from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, written on March 18, one week after the tsunami hit Fukushima, sheds light on just how bad it was. It … Continue reading

Copy of Learning Robot
When Machines Learn Like Humans –“Our Last Great Invention?

People learning new concepts can often generalize successfully from just a single example, yet machine learning algorithms typically require tens or hundreds of examples to perform with similar accuracy. People can also use learned concepts in richer ways than conventional algorithms—for action, imagination, and explanation. Researchers have created a computer model that captures humans’ unique ability to learn new concepts … Continue reading

OFFICIAL: Russia Is Now At War With NATO

President Putin has given the go-ahead for a ‘de facto’ war against NATO aong with operating in Syria, according to a Kremlin report on Friday. WHATDOESITMEAN REPORTS: A somber Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin states that President Putin, earlier today, authorized a “de facto” war against Obama regime-NATO-Western backed forces in Syria and exactly stated to … Continue reading

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