Google Has AI That is Able to Pick Out a Voice in a Crowd

Here we go again folks with that thin line of awesome technology or slippery slope of privacy invasion.. via Engadget: Humans are usually good at isolating a single voice in a crowd, but computers? Not so much — just ask anyone trying to talk to a smart speaker at a house party. Google may have a surprisingly straightforward solution, however. … Continue reading

“Wake up!”, Facebook & Google Getting Too Big to be Governed Says French President Macron

Wise words indeed from the President of France. By now it’s fairly common knowledge of Google’s privacy breach attempts (Google Collects Location Data from Android Users Even With Service Disabled – Report (Google Spying: Voice Assistant Records and Keeps Conversations You Have Around Your Phone) with no consequence and with recent exposure of shady Facebook activities (Data Downloads Reveal the … Continue reading

Facebook Updates How Many Users Were Affected by Cambridge Analytica Actions

SURPRISE! the estimated amount of people wronged in this swamp gas affair is even higher than prior estimate, who would have ever guessed! via sputniknews: Tech giant Facebook has stated that the information of about 87 million people, mostly in the United States, was improperly shared because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. “In total, we believe the Facebook information of … Continue reading

Data Downloads Reveal the Type of Information Facebook Has About You

If you’re a regular reader on our website you will likely recall an article we shared a little while ago even before the whole Facebook data mining scandal broke Facebook Keeps A “Secret File” On You. Here’s How You Can View It. Hopefully you took it seriously when we first shared this tip to you. Anyway it is now more … Continue reading

Snowden Says Facebook is a ‘Surveillance Company’, Collects and Sells User Data

Incredible (and quite infuriating) when a corporation is big how they can get away with almost anything. Imagine for a moment the type of punishment that would be exacted on for example let’s say two people who did this type of thing from their home or a small time operation, just imagine it…jail, fines, jail AND fines. Via RT: NSA … Continue reading

Facebook Keeps A “Secret File” On You. Here’s How You Can View It

Ever wondered what information Facebook is keeping about you? Well, it’s pretty easy to discover – but you might not like what you find (dun dun duuun!). Facebook stores a lot of information about you, including previous images, adverts you’ve clicked on, conversations, documents shared on Messenger, and much more. It’s not alone in doing this, mind. Google, for example, … Continue reading

EVERYTHING You’ve Ever Done Online Will Be Found by This Computer & You Cannot Stop it

THE next generation of computers is striking fear into security agencies across the world as nations prepare for the biggest dump of information that the world has ever seen. This is not another whistleblower but the development of Quantum computing. The race is already under way on two fronts, the development of these super-computers on one hand and the development … Continue reading

Facebook’s New Facial Recognition Spots You Even if You’re NOT ‘Tagged’

The world’s largest social network has just rolled out a new feature of its facial recognition technology that will notify users when someone has uploaded a photo of them even if they haven’t been tagged in it on Facebook. The new feature sprang into action Tuesday. Facebook says it will “help people better manage their identity” on the platform “using … Continue reading

WhatsApp Virus with Features Not ‘Seen Anywhere Else’ Discovered by Kaspersky Lab

Russian developer of antivirus software Kaspersky Lab has detected a Skygofree virus, which spies on Android users. According to the company’s statement the malware can record conversations, read and steal sms, as well as messages from WhatsApp and events from the calendar. In addition, the virus allows hackers to connect devices to Wi-Fi networks, they also control, and to collect … Continue reading

More than Workplace Surveillance, Big Brother Can Track Your Every Move

How can an employer make sure its remote workers aren’t slacking off? In the case of talent management company Crossover, the answer is to take photos of them every 10 minutes through their webcam. The pictures are taken by Crossover’s productivity tool, WorkSmart, and combine with screenshots of their workstations along with other data – including app use and keystrokes … Continue reading

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