red dwarf sun red star kachina
Strange ‘Red Dwarf Like’ Object Resembling the Red Star Kachina Captured Next to the Sun

Nibiru/Planet X system? Ufosightingshotspot reports: Exceptional images have been captured on camera by Becky Lewis of what appears to match to what NASA identifies as ‘Red Dwarf’ w/exomoons. A red dwarf star emits extremely powerful cosmic wave which hampers the heliosphere (Sun) and magnetosphere (Earth) and it is said that this leads to current geological upheavals. But is it really … Continue reading

red dragon of revelation
Did Google Sky Intentionally Black Out an Area in Space that Revealed The ‘Red Dragon of Revelation’?

The image of this area was blacked out by Google Sky as you can see in the video. Once this area was revealed on Sky View, It shows a pretty wild image. But the question remains, why would they want to black out this out on Google Sky? What is even more interesting it that it appears between the legs … Continue reading