The Changing Oxygen Levels on Mars Has NASA Scientists Stumped

NASA scientists, already grappling with the inexplicable mystery of rising and falling methane levels on Mars, have noticed that some unknown phenomenon is creating and removing oxygen in the planet’s atmosphere. NASA’s Curiosity Rover has been traversing the Gale Crater and up the foot of Mount Sharp for the past three Martian years (six Earth years), and has been sending … Continue reading

Scientists Say Data from NASA’s 1976 Mars Landing Need to be Reconsidered for Signs of Life

“We cannot rule out the biological explanation.” Scientists have revisited data from NASA’s 1976 mission to Mars, and say the recent evidence of water, organic molecules, and methane in the Martian environment means we have to consider that life was discovered on the Red Planet four decades ago. The researchers, who found ambiguous chemical signals in Martian soil collected by … Continue reading

Where On Earth Are NASA’s Rovers Sending Pictures From? Devon Island, Canada

Some people are questioning the whole story of NASA’s rovers on Mars. They believe that the rovers were never sent to Mars. But if NASA’s rovers are not on Mars, then where exactly are they? First of all, evidence suggests that the pictures that we see on NASA’s website are not even taken by the Curiosity and Opportunity rovers. One … Continue reading