4-year-old Recalls ‘Past Life’ 9/11 Experience

Do we ‘come back’ via reincarnation after we die? via Unexplained-Mysteries Image Credit: PD – Leandro De Carvalho A mother on TikTok has shared the remarkable recollections of her young daughter’s alleged past life. While the concept of past lives and the idea that people can remember who they used to be remains a highly controversial topic, some researchers have … Continue reading

Reincarnation’s Most Prominent Proponent Was a Scientist, Here’s Why

Theories of consciousness range from the purely scientific – that personal consciousness, as we know it, is a mechanism of unique neural connections molded by genetics and experience – to the spiritual, which argue the existence of a non-corporeal component to life: the soul. Still other thinkers – like Roger Penrose – theorize that consciousness and human creativity may require … Continue reading

Carl Sagan Said ‘Reincarnation Deserves Serious Study’: Years Later the Results are in

Carl Sagan, the well-known American astronomer, astrobiologist, cosmologist, astrophysicist, and author passed away in 1996. He was very skeptical of non-mainstream work, and was the same when it came to many topics within the realm of parapsychology. Almost 20 years later, we now have substantial evidence to confirm that various phenomena within the realm of parapsychology are indeed real. Some … Continue reading

Reincarnation ‘ is REAL Since Consciousness is Contained in the UNIVERSE After Death’

REINCARNATION is possible as consciousness is simply energy which is contained in our bodies and is released after death and can find a new host, according to an astonishing theory. Dr Jim Tucker spent 15 years interviewing young children who came to have been reincarnated. For his book, Life After Life: A Scientific Investigation of Children’s Memories of Previous Lives, … Continue reading

Reincarnation Just A Myth? Girl Remembers 10 Previous Incarnations (With Proof)

From the time Joey Verwey was just three years old, she was telling her family amazing stories that she was able to remember from her previous ten incarnations. Stories that were so unusual and detailed, there was no way that she could have learned them on her own. Her first life was a cave dweller about 200 million years ago. … Continue reading

Death & Reincarnation — Here’s Why We Shouldn’t Fear Them

Even though many people are afraid of death, the topic seems to be a taboo. The death is not being discussed as any other part of the human condition. But death is an important subject.We may have become too busy to reflect on it or to register it, but we all know that death is a coming. And it comes to … Continue reading