Top Secret Time Travel Hidden At The Vatican

This video takes a closer look at a one of the strangest time travel conspiracy theories out there, and it goes right to the top of the Catholic Church! Rumours of time travel within the Vatican have never really gone away… so what’s really happening at the home of the Pope?? Unveiled YouTube IF YOU ENJOY THIS SITE PLEASE TELL … Continue reading

Are our Gods Really Aliens?

It is one of the most central questions in human history: Where do we come from and who created us? Whether we prefer a religious or an evolutionary approach, to this day no one can say for sure how the seed of life really unfolded on earth. In this regard, the various world religions state that we owe our existence … Continue reading

Pastor Dies Attempting ‘Resurrection’

“Some attendees even attempted ‘spiritual exercises’ to revive him…” And in case it needs to be said, don’t try this at home. via Unexplained-mysteries Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Tommy Sea A pastor in Zambia was found dead while trying to emulate the three-day resurrection of Jesus. According to reports, James Sakara – the pastor of the Zion Church in … Continue reading

Alien-Like Figurines Found at Ancient Dig Site May Depict Face of God, says Israeli Archeologist

The professor studying the figures believes they may have been used at pilgrimage centers to form a kind of metaphysical connection between God and Man, “a contact between earth and heaven, the core of the religious experience.” Dr. Yosef Garfinkel, a veteran archeologist from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, has proposed a fascinating theory which suggests that a series of three … Continue reading

Three Archaeological Discoveries that Suggests Bible Was Right About Strongman Samson

There are those who celebrate the Bible as a historical account of God’s chosen people and the life and death of Jesus Christ, and those who believe it is just a selection of myths. However, there might be some scientific evidence to back up the Biblical stories. Tom Meyer, a professor at Shasta Bible College and Graduate School in California, … Continue reading

Archaeologists May Have Found Table that Held the Ark of the Covenant

The stone table was found within an ancient temple unearthed approximately 20km west of Jerusalem. The golden chest believed to have held the stone tablets on which the Ten Commandments were inscribed, the Ark remains one of the most sought-after and mystifying religious artifacts in history. For years researchers have attempted to determine where it might be or if it … Continue reading

Mandela Effect – Changing the Bible Magically

by TS Caladan Very few people would believe that physical things are changing around them due to what’s been called the “Mandela Effect.” Don’t believe that a new [Matrix] reality has been pulled over our eyes, different from the world we remember? You mean you believe C3PO has always had a silver leg or Oz’ Scarecrow certainly pulled out a gun in … Continue reading

Real Location of Mount Sinai Hidden by Saudis, Bible Researchers Claim

The biblical Mount Sinai is traditionally placed in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, but some researchers say it could be located over a hundred miles eastwards on the Arabian Peninsula across the Gulf of Aqaba. Ryan Mauro, the national security analyst at the non-profit anti-extremist Clarion Project, and the Doubting Thomas Research Foundation have released the results of a two-year joint search … Continue reading

Researchers Reveal Evidence of Moses’ Journey From Egypt to Saudi Arabia

Despite a majority of researchers questioning the accuracy of the Book of Exodus, some believe that Jews’s flight from Egypt did indeed take place – and that new evidence of this is poised to “seriously shift” the frame of discussion. Researchers from the Doubting Thomas Research Foundation (DTRF), which investigates the historicity and evidence of Biblical accounts, say they may … Continue reading

Scholars Think They May Have Possibly Found the Location of Eden

While some scholars focus their attention on Mesopotamia as the likely location of Eden, one archaeologist speculated that the biblical garden may be located in a different place, where Adam, the first man, was allegedly buried. Archaeologists scouring the arid plains and hills of the Middle East in search of traces of past civilisations stumbled upon what might be the … Continue reading

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