Space “Crash Sites” Proof Of Ancient Alien War? Military Developing Reverse Engineered Alien Technology?

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Real Secrets of Area 51 Revealed by an Insider

Are there any alien spacecrafts or aliens at Area 51, the top secret US Air Force base in the Nevada desert? A defense industry insider who claims he has knowledge of what really goes on there says no. Should we believe him? An expert on UFOs says yes and he knows where the spaceships and ETs are actually hidden. Should … Continue reading

The Above Top Secret Space Program Built With Reverse-engineered Alien Technology

In 1993, during a lecture at the UCLA Alumini Center, Ben Rich, former CEO of Lockheed Martin held a very interesting speech about technological advancements in space engineering in a period of forty years. He concluded his speech with the following quote: We now have the technology to take ET home.” – Ben Rich, CEO of Lockheed Skunk Works, 1993 … Continue reading