Ring of Fire Hit by String of Quakes and Volcanic Eruptions – At Least 5 Events in 2 Days

Well I hate to say it but I think the scientist who warned that we would be seeing an increase in larger earthquakes this year due to Earth’s rotation slowdown might be right. Also note worthy, this scientist William Yeck of the USGS seems to think none of the activity as of late are connected, well none of us can … Continue reading

Recent Catastrophic Events Along the Ring of Fire are Increasing the Risk of a Major Event in the Near Future

The world’s billionaires are spending lot of money on preparations for the end of the world. Given recent catastrophic events including three devastating Atlantic hurricanes, serious earthquakes in Mexico, and apocalyptic wildfires in Western United States, it would be a matter of basic prudence for the common person to consider putting in at least basic provisions to weather a natural … Continue reading

‘No One In The World Is Safe’: Expert Warns Of Overdue High Magnitude Earthquakes Along Earth’s Major Fault Lines

A SERIES of overdue high magnitude earthquakes is expected to strike at any moment along some of Earth’s major fault lines, an expert says. UTS Geotechnical and Earthquake Engineering senior lecturer Dr Behzad Fatahi said “no one in the world is safe” from the looming natural disasters of potentially apocalyptic proportions. “There are a lot of magnitude 6-plus earthquakes overdue … Continue reading