Scientists Develop Metallic Robots That Can Turn Liquid to Pass Through Obstacles

Shades of T-1000 from Terminator 2! by Andrei Dergalin via sputnuiknews image: kalhh-Pixabay The new robots demonstrated, among other things, an ability to pass through a grid by switching to a liquid form before returning to their solid state on the other side. A team of Chinese researchers has developed a peculiar type of miniature robot that can change its … Continue reading

Robot Shocks with How Close to Human it is (video)

“The footage, which captured the terrifyingly real robot in action…” via RT Headline Image: © YouTube / Engineered Arts A new humanoid robot has made a huge step towards crossing the ‘uncanny valley,’ with the machine filmed displaying a whole range of almost realistic human facial expressions. ‘Ameca’ has been described by its British developers at Engineered Arts as “the … Continue reading

First ‘Living Robots’ Can Now ‘Spontaneously’ Self-Replicate, Scientists Say

“The Pac-Man shaped “parent Xenobots” ended up giving rise to not just one, but several generations…” via RT Headline Image caption/credit: AI-designed (C-shaped) organisms push loose stem cells (white) into piles as they move through their environment © Douglas Blackiston & Sam Kriegman Miniscule biological machines developed by scientists from the cells of frogs – commonly referred to as Xenobots … Continue reading

Scientist Build Robot That is Able to Mimic Human Emotions

While we’re not quite there yet we are slowly but surely getting to the point where robots will be so human like that it will take some effort to know if it is human or not. via unexplained-mysteries: Scientists are trying to build emotionally intelligent interfaces. Scientists at Cambridge University have been working on an emotive human-like robot known as … Continue reading

Earth Will Become a ‘Meaningless Dystopia’ as Robots Rise, Scientist Warns

Many valid warnings are often seen or taken as fear mongering because people don’t seem to understand that the subject of the warnings don’t happen right away but rather, slowly over time, and that often causes people to become desensitized to the event taking place all around them but ever so slowly. via Expresss UK: Dr Subhash Kak, computing expert … Continue reading

Man ‘Marries’ ‘Female Robot’ Because He Was Unable to Find a Human Wife

Just when you thought you have seen and heard everything, a Chinese engineer – who didn’t seem too optimistic and decided to give up on finding love for himself – married a robot he created. Now, while we live among despondent people who give up on the search for love just because they didn’t find anybody, this man sets a … Continue reading

Robots to the Rescue? Magnetic Microbot Swarms Could Combat Cancer, Other Diseases

Magnetically controlled swarms of microscopic robots might one day help fight cancer inside the body, new research suggests. Over the past decade, scientists have shown they can manipulate magnetic forces to guide medical devices within the human body, as these fields can apply forces to remotely control objects. For instance, prior work used magnetic fields to maneuver a catheter inside … Continue reading

‘Robotic Sex May Become Addictive as Sexbots Can’t Say No’ – Expert

As scientists hold the world’s first conference on sex robots, one expert warns that making love to machines could become addictive. Robot experts from around the world will converge on Manchester in northern England this week for the Human Choice and Computers Conference, where they will explore the latest research and theories about how humans will engage with robots. Academics … Continue reading

U.S. Military Worried About Losing the AI War

A Defense Department science board urges ‘immediate action’ to catch up on AI warfare. It took a while for the US military to bolster its defenses against cyberattacks, and it looks like there’s a similar deficit when it comes to artificial intelligence. A new Defense Department report says that the country needs to take “immediate action” to speed up its … Continue reading

Stop Killer Robots Before it is Too Late Say Scientists

Davos (Switzerland) (AFP) – The world must act quickly to avert a future in which autonomous robots with artificial intelligence roam the battlefields killing humans, scientists and arms experts warned at an elite gathering in the Swiss Alps. Rules must be agreed to prevent the development of such weapons, they said at a January 19-23 meeting of billionaires, scientists and … Continue reading

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